Thursday, December 06, 2018

The Best of Captain Capitalism Trio

There are officially now three books where I have conveniently compiled the best posts of this blog.  The main purpose of these books is to back up some of my life's work in case Google, Amazon, or the government censors it, or just simply deletes it.  But it is also to save you time as a reader where you won't have to sift through 5,000 posts looking for the most intellectually stimulating ones.  And of course there is the profit motive which is largely my sole motivator in life.

However, I have redone the covers to all be themed around pinup girls, showcasing the talents of three different artists.  Again the primary purpose was to back up my work, not make a killing, so I wanted them to be a bit more presentable and classy, so I went with the pinup girl motif.

Regardless, whether you buy them for intellectual reasons or you just like the cover art, you can purchase them below in both paperback and kindle.  The only one that has a separate Kindle listing is "Captain Capitalism Top Shelf" which you can find here.  Certainly feel free to share and tell friends.

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