Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Generation X Spinsters Cometh

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Generation X women will be the first true "Spinster Generation."

And student loans.


Anonymous said...

Elisha Bokman is a divorcee, not a spinster.

JD said...

Well, there's also the issue that this amount of money didn't get borrowed in a week or so. She preferred being in school and racking up debt - for YEARS - to being a wife, mother or anything remotely domestic. So essentially worthless as a mate.

You've come a long way, baby. May as well keep going.

Survivorman said...

"she now blames the student debt for her divorce"

So - she's *available* then ? Where can I sign up ?

(feeling "lucky")

Mike said...

Looks like the number of women never married by ages between 45 and 54 are on track to be about 1/4 of all women by 2030, for a record high. "Generation spinster" is a pretty apt description. And it certainly rolls off the tongue a lot easier than "Generation-I-threw-my-kids'-well-being-through-the-wood-chipper-because-feels."
Source: https://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2014/09/24/chapter-2-trends-in-the-share-of-never-married-americans-and-a-look-forward/

Even though 70 percent of people married in the 1990s stayed married at least until their 15th anniversary,
Source: https://stories.avvo.com/relationships/divorce/numbers-breakdown-divorce-generation.html

apparently more than half of GenX women decided to be single mothers by choice.
Source: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/325323/what-gen-x-mothers-can-tell-us-about-gen-z-moms.html

Given that the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world, and to quote Terrence Popp, single mothers are filling the insane asylums, the prisons and the cemeteries with their kids, "Generation Spinster" is probably the most charitable of all labels we could possibly apply to these women.

David said...

I have several thoughts on this article:

1) Forget about being able to do acupuncture. For the $500k she borrowed on student loans, she should be able to perform open heart surgery. I wonder how much of that money went to actual school expenses like tuition, books, lab fees, etc. I suspect she like a lot of people who went into massive 6 figure debt used student loans for living expenses and frivolous items on top of going to the most expense school she could attend.

2) Somebody finally had the good sense to cut off the money spigot and now she has to go get an actual job and start paying the taxpayers/bank depositors back as well as pay for her living expenses.

3) I don't know if her massive debt is responsible for her divorce. I can safely bet that it will be the cause of her not ever getting remarried.

4) If you have $310k in student loans, I wouldn't loan you money to buy a can of beans. Much less for a new car. It is apparent that she can't afford to repay the bank back. She needs to be happy getting a used beater.

Anonymous said...

@David; What is wrong with used beaters? My first car was a Simca (very bad) and my third was a Lada (worse). THough I could buy a nice car, I get more fun out of cheap, small, European things.

Onto the main topic: why did her PhD cost so much, and why did it take so long? She is unemployable. Her only use is as a warning.

Robert What? said...

Any man who marries up a woman drowning in student debt is an extraordinary fool and deserves all the misery that is coming his way.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

She probably thought that she could remain in 'holding pattern' around the Ivory Tower of the government-run 'education' complex indefinitely.
How 'coincidental' it is that stories like this are becoming more commonplace since females became the majority of college students and are celebrated by feminists and the media for being the majority of degree holders.

TheSickManOfEurope said...

"she now blames the student debt for her divorce"

No doubt. When in the future a Democrat wins the White House....talk of "Slave Reparations" and forgiving student debt....will gain massive traction.
...and If the new POTUS is a Woman....the taxpayers (Men) will be fleeced to penury ten-fold in order to subsidise the students/net-benefit receivers (women).
So if you are a Red-Pilled dude...start making plans for a quick exit.