Sunday, July 14, 2019

Price Controls Do NOT Compensate for a Lazy Population

I'll explain ALL of inflationary bouts in the history of economics:

Lying socialists tell the population they deserve free shit.
The dumb population believes this because they are both lazy and dumb.
That lazy dumb population does not work, engage in hard disciplines, and waits for their gubmint check.
Nothing is produced, which means no tax revenues are coming in, so the government prints off more money.
With more money chasing fewer goods inflation or even hyperinflation sets in.
Dumb and lazy population complains about prices increases caused by their own laziness and parasitism.
Socialist politicians "solve" the problem by enacting price controls arbitrarily fixing prices.
Artificially low prices further deters what small percent of the population is working, from working more.
Less goods enter the market.
Store shelves are empty.

This is what's happening in Argentina (again).

 If you are too stupid to understand the simple economic process described above you should:

1.  Not have the right to vote
2.  Not have the right to run for public office.
3.  Should plainly shut the fuck up on anything in terms of politics and economics.
4.  Live the life of a completely boring, ordinary mass produced human who will do nothing noteworthy in life.

Enjoy the Decline.


tdcommenter said...

People still don't get it after 1700 years:

Anonymous said...

Implementation of price controls is solid grounds for revolution.

jfmoris said...

Great article - how can the (D)umbclucks who elect the (D)irtbag politicians not get it?

Prosperity comes from productivity - I hate hearing our 'elite' (D)irtbag leaders talk like they can make us prosperous with some diddling of interest rates or redistribution AWAY FROM THE PRODUCTIVE!?

Un Americano said...

Thanks, but no thanks.

Tim said...

You left out the "Marxist academics claim 'this time it will be different'" part ...

Post Alley Crackpot said...

And of course "socialist revolutions" result in an inevitable backlash whereupon the people they've been trying to press down realise that they have A Tangible Enemy To Fight, and so they trade the ballot box for the cartridge box ...

But if you'd like to forestall The Second American Civil War, perhaps a single solution might suffice:

If you are on government aid of any kind, including subsidised loans, you should be ineligible to vote at any level of government.

Pass a law, make it the law of the land.

And then pass another one:

Any state, county, or municipality that passes a law that renders null and void the aforementioned law shall be liable for 100% of debts associated with the affected parties.

But that won't work the way everyone will think it will.

Corporations under US law are also "people", and so the college loan companies could saddle the likes of California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Illinois, New York, etc. with 100% of their student loans, with a demand of immediate payment in full.

You've heard these people going on and on and on about how student loans should be "forgiven" and how all of these teenage economic grifters are such good people, right?

Why not "forgive" the loan companies their debts within these states so they can get on with the business of providing better secured loans to people who actually will make an effort to repay their debts?

Let a few state governments try to raise their state income taxes to 20% shortly before they discover what an economic exodus really looks like and that they really aren't able to print money.

Basically, let evil bankrupt itself.

It'll be a fantastic lesson for the others ala Voltaire.