Thursday, December 17, 2020

Everything Wrong with Women's Dating Profiles

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Anonymous said...

Ready to hit the wall. Gosh, I love that thigh tattoo.
These women always have a list of demands for men to meet.
Ghost them block them do not marry them.

Un Americano said...

Those tattoos. Nope.

Hockeyguy said...

You're coming pretty close to hitting the nail directly on the head when you tell women, "you're common." The problem is that most women simply don't believe it and it doesn't even really compute in their brains. Their solipsistic worldview starts and ends with their "greatness." That's how to them, their children are "amazing," their career is "awesome," and their vacations are "fabulous." They consider themselves "fascinating" and "interesting" when they primarily talk about themselves and have accomplished virtually nothing.

Chris Rock nailed it during an interview with Howard Stern: "No woman thinks she has mediocre pussy. Every woman thinks she's got the greatest pussy in the world."

Anonymous said...

Trying to find the Chris Rock and Howard Stern interview as mentioned above. But as always Chris Rock is right over the target with his observation and drops another truth bomb. You will rarely meet a woman that doesn't think she's the best lay in town. Doesn't matter if all she does during sex is simply lay on their back, stare up at the ceiling and just spread her legs. What she has between her legs is the greatest thing on the planet. The idea that her boyfriend or husband finds greater pleasure between the legs of another woman is never even considered by her. In fact the mere thought of that makes her go into an insane rage. How could he not worship and appreciate the world's greatest vagina.