Sunday, March 07, 2021

Cappy's Blog Update

Greetings Reading Agents in the Field,

As you know Cappy has been incredibly busy.  There were three books published in the last 12 months, went to Miami last week, tax season, building a house, and of course moving.  Combine this with the demand-pull that more content be put out via podcasting or YouTube, and further combine that with the demands of Asshole Consulting, I have had nowhere near the time to write like I did in the halcyon days of yore when bandwidth only allowed for blogging.

Thankfully, many of these long term projects have closed or are coming to a close and I will be able to return to writing more.  However, it will never be as much or as frequent as the golden years of 10 years ago when I was stuck in a bank office, where I had more or less 8 hours a day to research and write some high level economic/philosophy shit.

In the meantime, if you wanted you can read through my "best of" books which are compilations of my be blog posts.  This includes:

Love Letters to the Left
Top Shelf
Captains' Quarterly which is a Playboy-esque magazine publication I made a shot at, but could not continue because there aren't enough pretty, reliable women to model successive issues.

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