Tuesday, March 16, 2021

When Women Traded in Love for Careers

 Hope you piss blood.  You deserve it.


Anonymous said...


-Millennial fucktards

Anonymous said...

Just another cunt loser crying, "Where are all the good men? Save me!!!"... and all the good men whispered in reply, "No."

A Texan said...

I listen to talk radio on some days, so another favorite ad some might be ware of from the 'Ad Council', which is a crappy government propaganda machine paid for with your looted money, has this info-ad about how women have been earning all these wonderful Phd's and other degrees, but now exceed men in heart disease.

Well, boo-hoo! I love to hear about equality.

Anonymous said...

This is the cost of rebelling against God and nature. Women chose this while they chose to make men as miserable as they could.

Un Americano said...

1. Ask for It.
2. Get It.
3. Regret It.
4. GOTO 1

Red Pill Wisdom said...

Such wonderful schadenfreude! I hope that Western women are enjoying the 'equality' that they didn't just ask for, but instead DEMANDED!
The ironic thing is that feminism didn't so much take women out of the 'oppression' that they imagined they had -- instead, it released us men from the misery and exploitation that we weren't even aware of.

brian t. said...

To be fair to these ladies, I think EVERYBODY has been drinking a lot more the last year or so.