Saturday, March 27, 2010

International Corporate Tax Rate Comparison

Hey Kids!

Want some fun excitement and craziness in your day!?

Want to be the cool guy on the block that impresses all the girls???

Want to be able to be the one kid in the entire college that might actually know what he or she is talking about?

Then learn your corporate tax rates!

Yes, corporate tax rates!

It's what all the cool young hipsters are learning!

On a more serious note, sadly corporate taxes are the silver bullet to end this recession. You eliminate them you not only bring a flood of investment and capital into the US, but you also immediately boost stock prices and recapitalize people's pensions, 403b's, 401k's, IRA's.

But who wants any of that icky stuff when we can blame corporations for all of our problems?


Anonymous said...

Too many people foolishly believe that corporate taxes have no economic impact on shareholders for your proposal to fly.

Anonymous said...

This is a very inconvenient truth, especially with the recent announcements by major corporations of how much the tax law changes because of Obamacare.

And the Dumbocrats are now looking at a VAT besides the incomes taxes paid now.

Payner44 said...

The current administration is nothing but a group of progressives with no intentions of reversing our economy. They have things heading in the exact direction they wanted all along. If the doers in this country continue to be out numbered by the non-doers with their f___ing hands out there is little hope of avoiding the decay into socialism/communism. Doers need to get into the fight while there is still time and quit being complacent!! First step is to get every doer to the polls in November and vote pretty much every one of those 435 idiots in congress out of there!!! Not sure how many senate seats are up for grabs, but get them out of there also. Then, keep the replacements under a microscope and make damn sure they're listening and following the will of those that voted them into those seats. No more autonomy for those in D.C., period!!!

GW South said...

@ Payner44

Not sure how many senate seats are up for grabs, but get them out of there also.

Maybe the same as every election year, 33/34?

Anonymous said...

You've forgotten the best part, thousands highly compensated tax accountants and tax lawyers get to do productive work!

Payner44 said...

Looks like it's 36 Senate Scumbags this time, let's get them the hell out of there and replace them with others that listen to the voters!! Wish we could get rid of ALL 100 at the same time...doing it the current way is like removing only a portion of the tumor.

CBMTTek said...

Getting a progressive to understand corporate tax rates is a futile task.

For some reason, they believe the corporation will just take the increase in taxes out of the CEO's salary. (Which he obviously does NOT deserve because it is his direction that the company NOT give their goods and services away for free.)

Anonymous said...

Reducing cooperate tax would however reduce the credibility of the US in terms of servicing its debts.

It would be very interesting to graph the delta in those taxes with delta in national gdp accross those countries for that period and see if there was any notable change from the average OECD growth rate...
Cutting taxes to stimulate the economy seems like a good idea but as I see it investment is better gained with company specific bribes such as contracts, land rights, specific tax reductions that give that company a competative advantage.
It would be very nice if we lived in an international free market, but while there are countries willing to do these things, we have to as well, and that means extracting money from companies and individuals who for what ever reason need to keep thier buisness here rather than in a low tax country, and using it to bribe new companies to do the same...

Steve said...

When I attempt to open your spreadsheet, I get nothing. Nada.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Anonymous said...

The high US corporate rates are passed along to individual ratepayers in the prices of products and services and are as a result a pass through of the tax to individuals anyway. The high rates odf tax drive the investment dollars of our own firms overseas, where they are stranded or reinvested in foreigh manufacturing and a resultant loss of US manufacturing jobs. Or, the higher tax rates result in productsmade in the US being uncompetitive with those made in the countries with lower tax rates. This drives US businesses out of business or overseas, both resulting in less US jobs.