Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tyranny Will Form

One way or another. In the past 3 years I've learned to loathe ignorant people who live in democracies and do not understand their duty in protecting the nation, themselves and their children's future from charlatans known as socialism.


Anonymous said...

That was a great piece on New Zealand. Of course that was all started, because the government went broke. They were forced into taking action, and the free market reforms paid off.
Mean while back in Obamaland, the socialist movement is on the rise.
Can anyone explain the popularity of socialism in the US? I can`t. Despite all the success of the free market, the growth in government continues.
How large does the government have to become, before people have had enough? Perhaps when government revenues are 100% of GDP, and tax freedom day is December 31st, people will start to get upset.

Young Democratic Socialist said...

Interesting. I know a lot of people who think that socialism would be a great way to protect people.

Anonymous said...

Dear god how did a bunch of dangerous radicals like that get in charge of a country?

Seriously, talk about "hope an change".

Can you imagine the demagogery inthe media and the political parties left and right, if someone ran on that plaform here?

That upsets a LOT of apple carts.

Of course something similar happened in Germany post WWII, when the West German goverment rebooted the entire country against the advice of the US and UK. In fact, they basically did it as a fait-accompli in the dark of night to prevent them from being stopped.

You'd think with two STERLING examples like that there'd be people clamouring to try it again.

But no, we have people clamouring to trying socialism, again, and again, and again. more and harder!

Ryan Fuller said...

The only point I disagree with is the unqualified assertion that lower taxes produce higher revenues.

This is often true, especially when rates are already high, but it doesn't hold water if rates are low. Lowering a tax rate from 2% to 1% won't double the taxable income base, which is what it would take to break even on revenue.

Lower rates don't always equal greater revenue. A few qualifying words would make the statement more accurate without defeating the thrust of the argument against high taxes.

Anonymous said...

That's why I'm cheering for a quick collapse.

It's sad to see that the economy and society have to become really bad until something happens, but that's the way it works. So let's fasten up the whole process.

There's this German saying: "Besser ein Ende mit Schrecken, als ein Schrecken ohne Ende" (It's better to make a painful break than draw out the agony.)

Liberista said...

"Can anyone explain the popularity of socialism in the US?"

just google for "The Truth About Tytler"

is really that simple.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bash The MSM, thanks for the Tytler quote. That is very true. It also explains why the Founding Fathers only allowed property owners to vote. The idea that the people that pay taxes, should control how the money is spent. Today the people that receive tax money, have more power then the people that pay taxes.
The current Greece situation is a perfect example.