Monday, June 16, 2014

A Sad Father's Day

From our Chicago Agent in the Field:

I always knew Jenny McCarthy was worthless.  And that Mark Wahlberg's brother was...well...Mark Wahlberg's brother and not Mark Wahlberg.  Because Mark Wahlberg would never settle for Jenny McCarthy.

Anyway, deep down inside I wish that what we "perceive" is not what "is" and that we're just being pessimistic.  Sadly, when I see this I start to realize that the problem really does run that deep and that it really is an issue.


Anonymous said...

Honestly giving a mother a father's day card just seems like an opportunity for someone to sell more cards.

leeholsen said...

i dont care if she's worthless, she's still the hottest american actress in my age range and i'm giving up that fantasy.
in my experience, the amount of women that i can have deep conversations, and by deep i mean they can hang in while i go thru why the oceans will always offset any co2 man puts out; is usually 1/20 of the men that can hold that conversation; so i'm just looking for pretty and not crazy; jenny still fits those as its not likely i'll spend any time to determine if she's really crazy or just another brainwashed LA type.

Goober said...

"For single women who serve as both a mother and a father"

THese cards shouldn't exist for one reason, and one reason only:

No woman is actually doing this.

A woman can not be a stand in for a father. Can't. Sorry if that offends people, but it is the unfiltered truth.

She may be a great mom. Possibly mother of the century. My father in law's current girlfriend was a single mom, not by choice, but because her husband died in a bad accident at work. She raised four awesome kids, who've had kids of their own who are good kids.

But even by her own admission, she was a terrible father. She says one of her greatest regrets was that her kids were raised without that strong male influence in their lives.

These cards are just another way to cheer single moms on as if their condition is preferrable and laudable. "You GO Grrrl! don't worry about the fact tha toyur kids will be massively disadvantaged and ten times more likely to fail in life because of your stupid choices! Just GO!"

just some guy said...

Only a single mom would demand recognition for doing a piss poor job.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Forget these makeshift holidays anyway.
Why can't each and every person simply celebrate just being alive and enjoy being whoever they are?
McCarthy's response was irrelevant and childish. Not to mention a bit narcissistic.