Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fuck You Mark Dayton

Fuck you and your spoiled brat children.

(read down to the point where you find out his children run a restaurant and complained to him about the minimum wage hike)


just some guy said...

Raise the minimum wage to $30/hr. Problems solved.

Anonymous said...

MN has elected a lot of worthless assholes as Governor, but this guy is the worst. My dog could take him 4 straight in a best of 7 checker game, he's that fucking dumb!!

Kristophr said...

just some guy:

I really hope that was sarcasm.

How about $1000 per hour? That must obviously be better than $30 per hour.

Of course, every employee in the country will be fired, and replaced with a robot, or a contractor paying illegals under the table.

And anyone with any money will immigrate, and renounce his citizenship to avoid the imminent crapstorm.

Minimum wages un-employ people who don't rate minimum wage pay. Hobos used to be able to scrounge food, cigarette, and beer money by offering to push a broom for a few bucks. No more of that.

Anonymous said...

Mark Dayton is a bitch.

-JSF- in Minneapolis