Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Clarey Podcast - The Horrible Costs of No Men Episode

MBA professors faking their intelligence in Hungary,
defending the online IQ test,
realizing you are above average,
and a horrible price is paid for a lack of masculine men in society

and MORE

in this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast!

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miforest said...

as a father I agree with you that family should have beat the bohuto guys AZZ but good. so you get a week in jail. Balance this aginst how all came out. At some point if if you screw with any man enough you should have to expect violence.
if you are endangering his family , you should have expect it soon rather than later.

Black Poison Soul said...

Regarding the con-man: beating someone to a pulp is a good start. Then make it perfectly clear to them once they wake up, that if something more happens of this - whether legally or in the same vein of what he's been doing - you're quite happy to follow it up without restraining yourself next time. And that he won't survive it.

One way or the other, the problem ends.