Sunday, June 01, 2014

Convincing the Parasites They Are Indeed Parasitic

A video request that ultimately boils down to:

How do we convince the people who are sucking off of society to stop if they are impervious to reason, logic, and have no intellectual honesty?

The answer?

Shame, mockery, and ridicule:


Marshallaw said...

Hey Cappy, the Google tax avoidence scheme is called the "double Irish". Do a search for Google double Irish. Apple were the first company to use the Irish Corporation tax rate of 12% to its advantage and channell revenue through Ireland.

Torgo said...

Clarey, you illiterate buffoon, come to Ann Arbor and I'll teach you to read and speak words like "malevolent", and you can teach me math. LOL.

Good vid. Bern Chapin did a vid on R/K strategies today, and I think Aurini has said similar things at his YT channel.

David M said...

"But people aren't strong enough to endure the recognition that they're evil. Therefore, believing in their own righteousness, they fight to force their views on other people. Just as people die nations aren't eternally indestructible things, either." -Admiral Yang Wenli - Legend of Galactic Heroes

Dan said...

The people that would be targets of the shame, mocking and ridicule have NO SHAME and lack the IQ required to grasp the concepts of mockery and ridicule.

The parasite class does not care a rats ass about what people outside their little group of parasites think. ALL they care about is getting more STUFF from
Da Man.

Nate w said...

"you're a slave for 14 years"

Haha. Try getting married Cappy. We still have lifetime alimony in the USA. I have no idea why with all these independent ladies running around. My alimony bill terminated (thank goodness) due to her remarriage but paying $1500/mo child support for my son is little different than alimony as far as I can tell. Maybe we need a video on what $1500/ month tax free CS can buy a woman.