Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Sad Fate of Stacey Hacker-Hessler Professional Crusaderist

You may not know who Stacey Hacker Hessler is, and neither did I.

Not until somebody posted this article on my facebook (though dated from 2012).  Short version, she ditched her husband and kids to go protest at the OWS in 2012.  Got an $80,000+ divorce settlement and then...never heard from again.

But when I say, "never heard from again," I mean from the MSM or heck, even alternative media.  I had to search her name and after finding her newly hyphenated name was able to track her down.

What is she doing today?


I want to highlight this because there's a couple important lessons to pull from it.

1.  Look at the money raised and their pleas for money.  Also look where it goes to.  It goes into just basically supporting themselves.  These aren't professional activists.  They're panhandlers on the internet pursuing some sad pathetic crusade they've been told to by media, leftist professors, and yes, even the government.

2.  Precisely what is their crusade?  To take selfies on Monsanto's signs out in the middle of nowhere as they hold up craptastic home made signs?  Not only is the crusade itself pointless and ultimately mentally-egotistically self-serving, but they're not even doing it right.

3.  She is obviously with child.  If they only have $160, guess who's going to pay for her birthing expenses!  That is the least of our concerns though.  Any body want to place odds on the kid growing up right?

I could go on, but the larger point is this is ultimately where crusaderism leads.  A dead end wasted life of delusion and no real practical or meaningful achievements.

I do feel sorry for Stacey's kids (both present and future).  I feel bad for her ex too.  But I cannot think a more fitting punishment than squandering one's only finite and precious life on meaningless crusades, while begging and pleading for handouts to help in that squandering.  I'm almost half tempted to donate just to keep the delusion up.


Anonymous said...

"I'm almost half tempted to donate just to keep the delusion up."

You, me, and all productive men will be donating, like it or not.

Don't marry American women!

Work little, own little, pay little tax and...Enjoy The Decline.

liberranter said...

I feel bad for her ex too.

Why? Other than the money he had to shell out for the divorce, he's lucky to be rid of this loser bitch. Heck, seeing she's been reduced to now (i.e., the nadir of her own toxic stupidity), the $80K spent was probably worth it just to have her out of his life, all things considered.

Anonymous said...

This is proof of the decline of civilization.

When people have no jobs, they have no goal or purpose in their lives.

The woman is delusional and will one day (if ever) wake up to the truth of what she has become- a loser.

Sad- she abandoned her family and gave up her self respect and for what? To join some failed occupy movement that consisted of hipsters and losers who could not do anything with their lives?

Pathetic. What a waste of a life...

Unknown said...

My dad (a hard core lib) always told me to never trust a woman with a hyphenated last name.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

The husband could have avoided all this if he had nexted her when she refused to take his name. That's an easy red flag right there. Don't trust hyphenates.

Anonymous said...

Guess she couldn't afford contraceptives.

Curious that her bus needs so many filters. Vegetable oil is usually pretty poor. Now I knew of a gus - called the "Grease-bus" which ran on restaurant grease, and that understandably used up oil filters like crazy - but what are they doing to their vegetable oil?

BTW the "Grease-bus" even got a government grant, for its travels from British Columbia to Newfoundland. Oh yes - ostensibly it was to spread peace, light, and environmentalism, but a friend whispered in my ear that they didn't cross the US border {the fastest easy to make the trip by land is through Maine] because they didn't want US Customs taking the walls of their bus apart …

so your little snowflake might be more of an entrepreneur than she at first appears.

tgreese said...

Buy stock in Monsanto ...

Tom said...

I think her bus probably runs on cooking oil because she got arrested for stealing some last October along with another Occupy/hippie commune guy.

Anonymous said...

So she was against banks and greed unless it involves money from her banker husband in a divorce settlement. Glad she's broke, hopefully she won't be traveling to any more pathetic protests anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I also keep up with her because I too am curious.

She's got another begging page up

Here's her facebook page

She calls herself Stacey Hessler-OWS these days

She's had TWO children since she dumped her husband btw. I think she's getting food stamps/SNAP and welfare, and who knows what else.