Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Amazon Affiliate Trial and Error

Hi All,

Without going into a long and detailed explanation, browsers have evolved a lot, so much so that some them are now putting in automatic ad-blockers which, among other things, blocks my Amazon Affiliate banner (top right banner, right below the ad for Curse of the High IQ).  I think I programmed a work around, but won't know for sure until I can verify some purchases.

So if you are one of those kind souls who does all their shopping through my banner, please let me know if/what/when you purchased something so I can see if the new banner I programmed is capturing and recording your sales.

Many thanks,


PS-If you don't do your online shopping through my Amazon Affiliate program, START!


BigFire said...

I just copy the link in your Amazon banner and put it as my default Amazon icon on my browser. Hope you're getting your cut of my purchase, because I'm a very good Amazon customer.

98abaile said...

Can you give us a link to whitelist in our blockers?

Scott Alfter said...

Text links don't get blocked. Perhaps you could include one as a fallback.

That said, your image link is getting through 5x5. So are banners for your books and such. Ad blockers mostly target the big ad networks; if you serve up your own advertising from your own server and you don't use obvious keywords like "ad" or "banner" in the path to your images, they'll most likely get through the average ad blocker.

heresolong said...

Unfortunately I am one of those "kind souls" who fully intends to do all my amazon shopping through your link but always forgets, dammit. Resolution: don't forget.

98abaile said...

Just turned off my adblocker to see if the image could be seen. Turns out the image won't load at all. The link is fine but the image (or image url) must be broken on your end.

Lman Rman said...

I can't help - you don't cover amazon.co.uk and it doesn't link over from amazon.com.