Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Craig's Nest, Grand Junction, Colorado

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John said...

That's up on Grand Mesa, explaining the photogenic beauty.

Grand Junction is six thousand feet immediately below and located in a stinking desert full of salt-imbued soils, is perpetually economically depressed in spite of the deluded (lying) boosterism of the Chamber of Commerce, is overrun with methamphetamine addicts, is "a dirty little town (corrupt) and a lot of people like it that way" and to bookend its drug problem the place has the highest rate of drunk driving per capita in good, old "Colorful Colorado."

By the way, the above is a summation of its "good qualities." Intelligent locals (of which there are few) rightly refer to it as "Methford Falls" because "Jimmy Jumped" off the Fifth Street bridge and didn't get saved by Clarence.