Tuesday, August 16, 2016

How the Left Brought Racist and Sexist Trolling Upon Itself

Though brash and callous, I draw the line at using words like "nigger," "spick," and "kike."  These words have no benefit or upside to them, and while I'm very critical of black, hispanic, American female, and other minority cultures, it is a constructive criticism that aims to improve their lot in life.  However, whereas I draw the line at using outright insulting phrases and terms, the same does not hold true for others.  For example I wince every time Matt Forney claims he's a Nazi and, frankly, won't listen to Chris Cantwell because of his frequent use of the term "nigger."

However, I know Matt Forney and (after listening to several of Chris Cantwell's shows), am familiar with Chris Cantwell.  And if I had to put money on it, I'd wager Matt is no Nazi and I have serious doubts Chris Cantwell genuinely hates blacks.  But their flagrant and flippant use of these words, even though deep down inside they likely don't believe a word of it, is an interesting phenomenon.  For if you step back and look at it, it's a response, if not outright backlash to the left's obsession with accusing everybody of racism and sexism.  And it is here that the left has created a monster that will forever hound and haunt them.

To understand this monster you have to understand its origins.  And its origins come from the left's obsession with victim-politics.  Without going into the long and belabored psycho-political explanation, leftists are at the core lazy people.  They don't want to work.  They don't want to do math.  And so they approach life with a survival strategy of parasitism and forcing others to pay for them.  However, life doesn't pay the parasitic, so leftists must become masters at rationalizing the theft of others.  This results in the professional victim-whoring industry where they claim they're discriminated against because of their (choose any one of the following)

mental illness
etc. etc. etc.

And since they're "discriminated against" this gives them the right to your life-labor in the form of extra money and taxes you get to pay.

This pins not only the emphasis, BUT THEIR ENTIRE SURVIVAL on their ability to highlight discrimination.  And so not only is every whiff of genuine discrimination highlighted, magnified, and brought to the forefront, but things that aren't bigotry, but can be construed as bigotry, are spun thusly so (and let's not mention minorities faking their own hate crimes).  Add to this most leftists have no value, worth, or agency in life, and they trip over themselves to highlight sexism and racism as a faux-profession, notably in journalism

The result in a constant cacophony of perpetually offended people who invariably blame the boogie man of "white males" for their laziness, sloth, parasitism, stupidity, and utter lack of achievement and success in life.  It also results in a world of people (notably whites and males) having to walk around egg shells so as not to offend the precious, fragile feelings of the perpetually offended, not to mention avoid the career-destroying accusation of being a (GASP!!!!)  RACIST/SEXIST!  And so like the increasing cowards they are, men and whites tuck their tails behind their legs, and tip toe around the land mines the race-whores and sexist-pimps have laid out before them...except for one group of people.

Those (predominantly) white males who have nothing to lose.

The Great Recession had a great effect on the lives, and more importantly, futures of a entire generation.  It more or less destroyed them.  Saddled with $70,000 in student loans for a degree that land them zero jobs and released into the slowest growing economy since the Great Depression, millions of millennials (and Gen X'ers) have realized they will never achieve the American dream.  They won't own a house, they won't have a loving, caring, or supporting wife.  They won't have enough for retirement.  And they won't have a career they were promised.  Adding insult to injury, males and whites of these generations are falsely accused of having "privilege" and are constantly blamed for the failures of others when they themselves have no success to speak of.  So with no job to lose, no career to be had, and no financial success to point towards, they simply say "fuck it" and rip apart the entire system.

This has resulted in a large digital, but veritable army of online bloggers, posters, commenters, and trolls with zero fucks to give.  From their basements, their buddies' couches, or their local bar they slam and troll the precious sensibilities of the professional victim-whoring industry.  Comments sections are filled with racial epitaphs, outright sexism, outright bigotry, and all manner of name calling.  They blow through the mine-field of political correctness by jettisoning any pretense of political correctness, indifferent if they're accused of an "ism" or "ist," agreeing-and-amplifying with bulldoze force.  And they only increase the ferocity of their attacks when the professional parasites whine about being attacked.  In the end, these leftists who insist on being professional victims, are guaranteed to be hounded and harassed when they publicly post their whining and parasitism on line.  And since that's how they get their money, they have condemned themselves to an entire life of online harassment, criticism, lecturing, and hatred.

Just one problem.

It's all trolling.

Certainly there are some genuine sexists and racists out there.  And no doubt there are bigots and homophobes on teh interwebz as well.  But the increasing army of posters and commenters aren't racist or sexist.  They're just sick of the constant lecturing, proselytizing, whining, and bitching coming from the professional victim-whiner-whore industry.  Even women and minorities are sick of it as they don't want their skin or plumbing to be associated with such a whiny, parasitic, pathetic, and loser class.  But since reason, evidence, and empiricism doesn't work, then why not just troll them and increase their blood pressure?  Why not mock them and ridicule them, by showing them what real bigotry and racism would look like?  This is why the majority of articles from these ist-whores don't have the comments section available.  This is why Anita Sarkeesian doesn't allow comment on her channel. They are such weak and worthless people, they can hypocritically (and falsely I might ad) blame others for their failings in life, but can't stand to take the criticism. And criticism is all they ever get in life.

In the end you have to take inventory of who is really winning this battle.  Yes, to be a professional victim-whore may sound nice.  You don't have to work (a real job anyway).  Life is easy.  And all you have to do is take whatever handouts you can get.  But while that may sound easy, the lack of honor, agency, and purpose in life invariably becomes taxing and destroys your life.  Have you seen a happy feminist?  Have you seen a content BLM protestor?  Just imagine that instead of producing something of value, or raising a family, or working as a mechanic, your entire life was just 65 years of panhandling and concocting excuses as to why you have the right to be a thief.  You will have achieved nothing of genuine intellectual, emotional, romantic, artistic, or industrial worth.  You're just a parasite.

But if you think that's bad, just imagine that life with millions of trolls harassing you everyday, exposing you for the fraud and leech that you are. And they're not going anywhere because you were so successful in implementing a socialist system you took away any future they might have had, any women they might have married, and dared to blame all of your failures on them.

It's great when Dr. Frankenstein dies at the hand of his own creation.

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Anonymous said...

If whitey is responsible for how their lives of these professional victims turned out then they should thank whitey for how well their lives have turned out instead of just blaming him for anything negative in their lives.
After all, if he has such great power over them then there is a pretty good argument that anything good in their lives is the result of whitey's largess.

'You didn't build that, whitey built it for you.'

John Henry said...

This is all about the. Negroes
And their liberal destroyers

Michael said...

For the longest time I've figured Christopher Cantwell's favourite thing to smell was the scent of burning bridges but have also seen over a number of years how he's aimed his propensity for self destruction in such a way as to facilitate a creative anti-destruction (see the living he's managed to make for himself right now). With that in mind I don't think he's racist in the old sense, and he's said as much himself. However I do think he forgets quite why he's screaming nigger all over the place which is an interesting thing to behold, but does get uncomfortable after a while. I think he's chosen to be on the cultural-stick front of the carrot-and-stick-culture-war approach to getting people to behave better, seemingly after witnessing that the carrot hasn't worked as an incentive.

SM777 said...

No, don't rescue them.

Let them Bern.

Glen Filthie said...

Look, Aaron.

Your blog, your rules. I get it. But I will not let some leftist lickspittle tell me what I can and can't say, and I won't let you do it either. Guys like you are helping the left make it a bigger crime to call somebody a nigger than it is to act like one. I don't use the term out of ignorance, I use it when I intentionally want to offend some a-hole that seriously needs it. There is a difference between black people and niggers and that difference only offends social justice warriors.

Take your virtue signalling and FOAD.

Anonymous said...

Hiya Cappy!

There is a new meme being propagated by the gender studies gals. It is "Young men have been exposed to so much porn that they can't get it up for a real woman." Two things. One. How the hell did they do THAT research. Two. Let's give them that for a second. The question to ask is: Is the masturbation to porn a cause or an effect? I agree with Scott Adams. Having opinions like this can get you killed. Hence I must remain an anonymous coward.

Anonymous said...

Haha I do it in person but at the right time and yes indifference, agree and amplify, but my favourite is a battle strategy of The Carthaginians in one very decisive battle. Nd

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ, Clarey. You knocked the ball outta the park on this one.

evilwhitemalempire said...

How do you know your ideology has failed?
When language, thoughts, and attitudes (of a genuinely dark period of history) that just a few decades ago were commonly associated with disgust and loathing are now secretly regarded as a thing of fondness and nostalgia.


Cadders said...

Good post. My particular bug-bear is feminism, and from the very start I could see it contained the seeds of it's own destruction from the day it was birthed. Feminism unleashes a set of behaviours in women, and a response in men, that always leads to the destruction of the environment that allowed it to gain a foothold in the first place. And this will never change, for these behaviours in men and women is instinctual and hard wired.

And I guess the same is true for all the leftist 'isms' in general. The more they win the more assured and more complete their defeat.

Joe Bar said...

There has never been a better time to be an actual racist. No one would know.

And, for your SJW laughter for today: http://www.autostraddle.com/we-messed-up-348709/

Anonymous said...

An Indian friend of mine (with the dot) many years ago had to take one of those asinine corporate 'duh-versity' classes for a day.

He told me later that he felt more racist after the class than before.

Un Americano said...

Matt Forney espouses Nazism to appear dark and edgy for his nightclub harems.

Anonymous said...

Word control = thought control

If you control the words used, you can control the types of thoughts expressed.

So Aaron, really I love your work, but seriously read 1984 over and over again until you get it.

Vader999 said...

I consider the alt-right racists to be more of a threat to the right than to the left. The left loves being called dykes, niggers, kikes, faggots, or whatever insults against their race exists under the sun. To them, it proves them right. They'd be like "Go ahead. Call me a nigger/kike/dyke/fag and prove me right. Prove me that I was right about you being a racist/sexist/homophobic pig." These alt-right trolls are walking, talking, ammunition for the left. Not so much for the right, who actually get damaged by being associated with these clowns. That's why I'm beginning to hate the alt-right. They're like the anarchists whom the state will take advantage of to enact draconian legislation to protect the people from these "dangerous anarchists". So if anything, these guys are more of a problem for us than they are for the left. They're the kind of threat the left will love to use to muzzle us from now on.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry about us smutting up the conservitive image and we wont worry about low test pozzies like you.