Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Why the Economy Won't Recover Without Men

Though a Asshole Consulting request, the video ends up explaining, in entertaining detail how:

Negative interest rates
The lack of economic growth
National debts and
The inevitable collapse of the West

is 100% dependent upon men and their sociological/romantic/sexual relationships with women.  It is some of my finest (accidental) work and if you TRULY want to understand how economics works and how to get economies to boom, I suggest you listen to at least the first half:


Anonymous said...

Funny I was just looking at United States productivity since 2010 it looks pretty dismal. All the economist's cannot figure out why that is. White males are leaving the plantations.

Joe Richards said...

yes when companies buy back stock overall profit is the same, but profit per share goes up

Kristophr said...

They will make a movie about Russian female POWs making a great escape, but won't show the part where Stalin has them executed later for surrendering.

Unknown said...

There is inflation going on, its just not included in the basket of goods that BLS tracks. Like --

* Rentals
* Certain food items.
* Durable appliances.

For example.