Thursday, November 03, 2016

Episode #171 11-3-16 "Boomers Didn't Save for Retirement Episode"

VR Porn cometh!
"I have a boyfriend in Bangladesh!"
Dating in the 80's.
Old people who didn't save for retirement...or learn English.

and MORE! 

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Un Americano said...

A lot of these "down-trodden" latinos are parasitic Puerto Ricans who came here solely for the welfare benefits or are recently released from prison for thuggery and can't "make it without help."

Anonymous said...

1 in 3 "Americans" were not here prior to 1980.

When we hear any stats like "boomers didn't save for retirement and are in dire risk of poverty," demand more stats, including on their race.

These aren't "boomers" who didn't save so much as skill-less, unassimilable types who came here for handouts, as Un Americano points out.

A lot of us who used to work in "social services" figured this out a long time ago. Some of us found other work. Some of us are stuck in our jobs.

Expecting low-future-time-preference/low IQ people to have "saved for the future" is nonsense. What we need is to put cost tags as well as price tags on all the Huddled Masses who want sumpin for nuffins.