Sunday, November 06, 2016

A World Without White People

We all know that white people, especially the males, are to blame for everything bad that has ever happened to anyone and are to be blamed for all bad things that will happen in the future.  This is a fact because it's taught in the public schools, both K-12 and college, and our politicians say so.

But just for a little fun I decided to "economics" a little bit and see precisely what the US would look like if we were to remove white people from the picture.  More specifically, what would the economy, our standards of living, government, and taxation look like if we just got rid of those nasty, nasty white people.

And the results are...heh..."interesting" to say the least.

First, our population would be whittled down immediately from 318 million to the 122 million non-whites that live in the US today.  This is more or less 42.5% black, 42.5% hispanic, and 15% other (Asian, mixed race, indian, Pacific/Eskimo, etc.).

Second, the economy would obviously be much smaller than the $18 trillion it is today.  You would think with 38% the original population, the "New Non-White America" GDP would be 38% of $18 trillion - $6.9 trillion.  However, quite bluntly, minorities don't produce as much as whites (except Asians, who produce more).  Using income per capita as a measure as to one's economic productivity, weighting it based on percentage of the new population, and then pro-rating that production per person based on race, the resultant GDP would be more in the ballpark of $4.9 trillion.

This would result in a GDP per capita of only $40,303 versus the $55,800 it is today, meaning people would (on average) be 28% poorer.

Third, the federal budget.

Again, assuming straight proportionality and percentages, the federal budget would take 22% of GDP like it does today.  This would result in a total federal budget of $1.09 trillion.

But there's, yet again, another problem.

The NON-SOCIAL SECURITY portion of the federal budget is largely income transfers (welfare, WIC, TANF, TANG, BANG, WANG, CHUNG, etc.).  And even though those nasty, icky, gross white people are evil incarnate, the problem is only 2.2% of them use welfare contrasted with 10.2% of the black population and 5.7% of hispanics (who would make up the lion's share of "Not-Whitey-Nuevo-America").  Again, doing some weighted averaging using today's population, we suss out that even though non-whites are only roughly a third of the population, they consume 70% of welfare and parasitic income transferring services, for a total bill of $1.12 trillion.  This expense would not go away because, again, it's what non-whites consume every year in income transfers, which would wipe out ALL of the presumed federal spending (and more) if tax rates were to remain at 22% GDP.

Ergo, to account for the military, general government, social security, and all other functions of the federal government, PLUS the welfare/social spending component, federal taxation/spending would have to increase to 36% GDP (a 63% increase) to account for the higher percent of the population that is dependent on the taxpayer.

Fourth, the state and local budgets.

Unfortunately in "Ne'er A Whitey Man Seen Again America," this 36% tax rate does NOT account for state or local taxation.  And while there is significant disparity between local and state governments between say Wyoming and New York, on average state and local governments tax around 15% the economy.  If we add this to the new federal tax rate of 36%, that would imply a new overall tax rate of around 51%.  But once again we have to account for the fact that state and local government budgets are very similar to the federal one.  Around 2/3rds go to welfare/social spending, and the rest goes to cops, judicial systems, and actual governing.  Since the budgets are similar you can expect state and local budgets to increase by that same 63%.  This would increase state and local governments' take of GDP to 24.5% resulting in a TOTAL tax rate of....


Welcome to Sweden...well...without the white people.

Fifth, not all minorities are welfare-collecting bums.  The majority of them work.  But those that do work will get to face this new post-whitey tax rate of 60%.  And understand that's an AVERAGE tax rate.  Given minorities preference for the democrat party and socialism, I'm sure they'll all be on board with a progressive tax system which means if any one of you rat bastards tries to work harder or smarter and dare to make more money than your neighbor, why you're a bourgeoisie, capitalist bastard!  And you'll be facing tax rates around 80-90% (and when that day comes, methinks many of you will be voting republican real quick). 

We could go on, but the ramifications from the above are numerous, telling, juicy, and arguably the single most serious warning to minorities who truly believe it's evil whitey keeping them down.  And it is here that minorities have a choice when it comes to reading further.  Write me off as a racist and ignore this warning, in which case I guarantee your life will continue on as it has, or read on and there's much higher chance it will improve.  Regardless of your choice, the below won't change.

One, bar Asians, nearly all other races in the US are hopelessly dependent upon whites.  Not so much in terms of technological advancements, medical innovation, and economic growth (though that stuff too), but the welfare state minorities disproportionately rely on.  Without whites shouldering the majority of the welfare bill, minorities would have to nearly double their current economic production to afford the welfare state they currently need AND keep the economy from becoming a debtor nation.  Additionally, I believe minorities (blacks in particular) have more self-respect than most (specifically SWPL white folks) that they would not tolerate on average a 60% tax rate.  Technically, our country doesn't even tolerate the 40% effective tax rate we have today as we borrow and print about 7% of it per annum since Bush Jr.  But the unwillingness/self-respect not to work and go on the dole when tax rates are at 60%, not only ensures the non-white welfare state would never be financed, but minorities would either have to cut their own welfare state or effectively enlist a slave class to willingly and charitably finance it...which would lead to war unless you conveniently find a compliant group of slaves.

Two, as a group minorities in the US are parasitic.

You may not like this, it may anger you, but in all sincerity I am not saying this to anger people.  I'm saying it to point it out in order to accurately diagnose reality so that we may actually progress.  Mathematically, minorities need whites to live.  The reverse cannot be said to be true.  The reason highlighting this politically incorrect fact is that the day IS COMING where whites will not be the majority of the population.  And if trends continue, they'll be the minuscule minority.  And all other races - black, hispanic, indian, every one - will have to become self-reliant OR the entire population will wither and die, if not crater into poverty.  Maybe not this generation.  Maybe not the next.  And it certainly won't happen over night.  But if demographic trends continue, in 100 years your grand children or great grandchildren will no longer be able to blame whitey because, well, whitey won't be there.

This brings up a third interesting point.  Who are you going to blame?

Though the intent of this post is to get minorities of today to realize the problem they will face tomorrow (and perhaps even provide a solution to their poverty today) , I am fully aware of human nature.  And human nature (regardless of race) puts ego, pride, and arrogance above reason, intelligence, reality, and responsibility.  People would rather have a scapegoat to excuse their laziness, poor decisions, and mistakes than own up to them, change them, and thus improve their lives forever.  This has afforded minorities (and women I might add) about 60 years of worth of excuses that has done nothing but spare them guilt at the expense of their livelihoods.  And no attempt at reason, sanity, or logic has seemed to get them off of their addiction to "blaming whitey" for their problems, no matter how much better lives they'd lead.

Therefore, it is my (admittedly) pessimistic and misanthropic prediction that once whitey isn't around anymore to blame, minorities will simply blame each other.

Blacks will blame Hispanics.
Hispanics will blame Asians.
Asians will simply leave (as I predict Asians won't tolerate a slave-level of taxation).
And everybody will be incredibly original and blame "the Jews."

Never mind that your standards of living will be 72% what it once was.  Never mind that the economy will be in free fall.  And never mind you'll look more and more like South Africa, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe.  Your petty and fragile egos, feelings, emotions and pride won't take the hit.  And instead of inflection, honest assessment, and a desire to adhere to empiricism and reality, your grand children will continue to abdicate responsibility, living in increasing squalor.  This then leads to...

Four, Islam.

Islam, for all of its faults has two things going for it:

1.  Self respect (they don't have things like "white guilt" or believe they're guilty of "privilege.")
2.  Aggression

And while various races are bickering about who's at fault if some single mom spat out her 7th kid from the 6th boyfriend, Islam won't care.  Islam will become not only the fastest growing force in the US, but the most unifying.  And they too will want a piece of the long-gone American dream.  Ergo, while minorities are too busy fighting over skin color, gender, racism, and "gender identity," Islam will be forming the largest unified group of people in the country and they won't be as understanding, tolerating, and accommodating as those long-gone "evil white people" were.  This I believe will lead to confrontations, both cold and hot, that your grand children will get to look forward to.

Five, your kids and grand kids will pay.

Did I mention it will be your grand children that get to deal with all this?

Remember, whitey is gone.  You don't get to play that proverbial race card ever again.  But if you insist on playing that same ole broken record of "Blame the Gringos for Everything" instead of teaching your offpsring about work ethics, REAL EDUCATIONS, not to mention basic civics and understanding of economics and government finances, they will have neither the skills nor ability to improve their own lives, let alone deal with the deteriorating world you brought them into.  All you will have passed down to them was "woeismeism," "defeatism," "entitlement," and a race card that no longer works.  The real issue is whether you love your future children and grandchildren (heck, even yourself) enough to start finding the true cause, and thus, true solution to your poverty, lower life expectancies, and other achievement gaps between minorities and whites/Asians.  The answers are all there.  It's whether you want to get rid of the pride and ego that have been your true slave masters these past 60 years.

Six, people will finally learn there is no "magic dirt."

What I love about this article is it shows how ignorant illegal aliens are about America.  They think that somehow if they pass some arbitrary line in the desert and make it into the US that everything is going to turn out OK.  They don't learn the language, they don't skill up, they spit out kids they can't afford, they don't save for retirement, and then they are "shocked, just shocked" that they don't have enough for retirement.

This is called the "Magic Dirt Theory."

It's the theory that America and the Americans that founded it, built it, and created it, were nothing special.  They themselves were (once again) normal, everyday evil white people.  It was the DIRT, you see, that made this country great.  And once those European settlers came over (never mind the indians never did anything with the magical dirt), and made it past that geographical finish line, BOOM!  World's greatest country ever!!!  They just got LUCKY because they were on magic dirt!

The fact people believe this is insulting.

The reason the United States became hands down the greatest nation ever was because of its culture.  It was because of WESTERN CIVILIZATION.  It was the principles of freedom, liberty AND SELF OWNERSHIP, RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-RELIANCE, and INDEPENDENCE that made it great.  It wasn't welfare, it wasn't racism, it wasn't "diversity" and it sure as hell wasn't "magic dirt."  It was a group of hard workers, who worked even smarter than they did hard, and they were allowed to keep the majority of the fruits of their labor.  Not have 40% of it taxed and sent to a bunch of parasites living on welfare.

But if you don't want to believe that, don't worry, because your grandchildren will be forced to.  Because if the "no-whites economy" detailed above ever approaches reality, American dirt won't be too magical.  Thus, without a race card to play, and no magic dirt to make government checks magically come in the mail, future Americans will be forced to re-learn what it took Western Civilization 3,000 years to figure out.  And trust you me.  It will be learned the hard way.

Seven, it's not just minorities.

Before you pull out that race card, in intellectual honesty I have to admit white culture is not exactly pure as the driven snow.  Matter of fact it's deteriorating, and I'd say at rates faster than minorities.  Labor force participation rates are down.  The majority of white kids major in the world's dumbest subjects.  They're lazy, they're whiny, they're spoiled, they're entitled and they're worthless.  Furthermore, the dual scourge of single-motherhood and government-checks-replacing-fathers that has been laying waste to minority communities, is now fully wreaking havoc on whites as well.

But before you celebrate the fact that the same social ills affecting minorities are now affecting whites, realize it's destroying the precise economic engine that minorities rely on disproportionately.  Sociology majors don't make a lot of money and therefore DON'T PAY A LOT IN TAXES.  Social Justice Warriors and "professional activists" don't create jobs, and matter of fact, drive them away!  The feminists who seem to whine all day about men, patriarchy, and the wage gap?  None of that results in a penny of economic production, taxes, jobs, or employment.  Minorities may want to close the achievement gap, but whites are doing everything in their power to destroy themselves so that you won't have to.

Finally, as I said before, I have no faith in humanity.  The ego, pride, laziness, and hubris of people is more powerful than any desire to achieve greatness or success.  And with minorities clocking in at a 3-1 ratio of government dependency, it's even more pronounced in those circles.  Therefore, once the "whitey gravy train" runs out, I predict the United States will no longer be viable economically and will, much like the Roman empire, not so much "collapse," as much as fizzle out.  And without that great economic, technical, and innovative juggernaut in the world, the world will see a second Dark Age.

It won't be as bad or as dire as the first one because of all the medical and technological advances made.  But it will force all of us (well, your grandchildren anyway) to go through a second enlightenment, a second renaissance, oh...and let's not forget all those wars Western Civilization had to wage to get to this point in history.  Of course, this could all be avoided if minorities started to take a more honest, vested, and empirical role in their lives and the future.  They could say, "Hey, maybe I should major in STEM, not commit any crimes, learn the language, study the budget, learn about capitalism, and not have children I can't afford."  But my money is on human nature.  It's just a lot easier to major in "Chicano Studies," get knocked up at 15, get involved in crime, and then blame your consequential life on "whitey" or "the Jews." 

Alas, that's why I'm not going to hold my breath, and that's why I recommend enjoy the decline.
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Lab Guy said...

"The reason the United States became hands down the greatest nation ever was because of its culture. It was because of WESTERN CIVILIZATION. It was the principles of freedom, liberty AND SELF OWNERSHIP, RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-RELIANCE, and INDEPENDENCE that made it great. It wasn't welfare, it wasn't racism, it wasn't "diversity" and it wasn't "magic dirt." It was a group of hard workers, who worked even smarter than they did hard, and they were allowed to keep the majority of the fruits of their labor. Not have 40% of it taxed and sent to a bunch of parasites living on welfare."

And to have that self ownership also requires a system of governance that can enforce contract law and property rights. When either the state or a mafia organization starts to dilute or impede property rights either through taxation (legal extortion) or outright extortion, there is no point in even being productive.

The past generation also had commodity money which also helped. Nothing worse than having your efforts devalued through inflation to subsidize more parasitism whether it is warfare state (the US military is a social welfare and crony capitalist to the core) or endless social programs that help promote the breeding of a dysgenic population unconcerned with doing productive to help continue civilization.

Anonymous said...

"It won't be as bad or as dire as the first one because of all the medical and technological advances made"

So without the eeeeeeeeevil whiteys running things, studying to become Doctors etc and maintaining the infrastructure that allows drugs to be researched, manufactured and distributed (via road, rail or air - and who will build the trucks, maintain them plus build and maintain the roads, bridges etc.?) you honestly think that modern health care will be available?

No - I think that you need to look at some third world shithole like Haiti, Zimbabwe or the Congo for the standard of life and infrastructure that will exist after the collapse.

Phil B

The Question said...

I strongly suspect the current demographic trend will take a sharp turn once a major economic collapse occurs. I'm not talking about a little dip in the economy or another recession. I mean where the U.S. dollar collapses and/or the Fed is unable to print more money and the nation can spend only what it has.

The welfare state will die as a result. If that occurs, I believe there would be a mass exodus from the U.S. where many ethnic groups return to their homelands, even if they were second or third generation. After the Great Recession we saw a lot of Hispanics go back to Mexico.

Either way, I doubt the country will ever reach the point where whites become an insignificant minority before it falls apart.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with that part about the Second Dark Age. China can retake the throne as the world's superpower.

Anonymous said...

They can keep the horse!

cecilhenry said...

The Genocidal Assumptions of 'Diversity' (aka White Genocide):

Everywhere that is currently White in any proportion or degree, should be getting less White from here on out. Indefinitely.

You name it: it could be Cambridge, Rotterham, Berlin, Toronto, Denver, Lillehammer. If there's White people there now, at all, the premise is 'there had better be fewer White people there both proportionately and absolutely in 10 years time then there are now'.

What could be more blatantly Genocidal and evil than that?

Look at Frank Raymond. He has a very interesting non-white perspective on White Genocide and the agenda of political elites.

Very interesting. Frank Raymond - The Caucasian Mind: Transcending Biological Needs

Is it really plausible that the leaders of dozens of White nations have adopted similar policies antithetical to the long-term survival of their own peoples, yet none of them knew what they are doing?

One problem: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

Xax said...

The while China is a superpower is a bunch of horseshit; made by people who have been never lived in their backwards shitty society.

China is the definition of a paper tiger, it's the hyped up next big player only to majorly slip and fail when the time comes.

There are so many, so many things wrong with the chinese society and economy that I just do not know where to begin. Their economy is artificial, and their military is actually shit and can't project overseas force. China is a joke....

jabrwok said...

Page 13 of this report might be significant:,_Ethnicity_and_Gender_Profiles/cpd99000.pdf

The vast majority of farmers in the U.S. are white. No whites = No food. Economic productivity, GDP, and welfare payments are going to be the *least* of the survivors worries.

jabrwok said...

Hmm, I don't know if my comment went to moderation or was erased given that I logged in *after* writing it.

Anyway, here it is again.

Page 13 of this report is worth noting:,_Ethnicity_and_Gender_Profiles/cpd99000.pdf

96% of American farms are white-owned. 96% of farm operators in the U.S. are white. When Whitey is gone, transfer payments will be the least of anyone's worries. Long pork will come back into style right quick.

A.B. Prosper said...

Generally a good article but the GDP is not as evenly divided as all that, nor are many minorities generators of wealth or money to the same degree as Whites and Asians are.

Now the former USA now, now Non White America would take a bigger hit and I suspect lose far more than 2/3rds of the GDP.

Note that Mexico with a population of around 1/4th that of the US has a peak GDP of 1/17 ours and it has a significantly Whiter population than Non White USA would

This would suggest Nuevo Mexico Norte Y Nuevo Africa Nuerte would generously have a GDP of around 500 billion in current money.

Jarda said...

you could have compressed this all to "look at Liberia"

Anonymous said...

Western Civilzation. Read the works of Niall Fergusion.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Is a world without Dominion. Also don't play the Marxian card and use White in place of Christian.

glenn said...

Maybe usuns ought to just relax and enjoy our decline. I'm cool with going on welfare.

Anonymous said...

" post-whitey tax rate of 60%."

Heh. We're living that up here, north of 49 & we are mostly whitey with various urban concentrations of "others". Not that I'm proud of it, but youse guys are headed our direction, probably starting tomorrow!

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"... unless you conveniently find a compliant group of slaves."

They already have.

Anonymous said...

It's not a bad article, but your argument is an argument from the premise of "white man's burden" race-cuckoldry.

When you really boil it down, what you are saying is "it's whitey's duty to serve the seething dusky hordes for their own good".

I say no. No more. No white man's burden for me. The foreigners don't deserve whitey gibs. No more welfare, no more wealth redistributions, no more sending food to Africa, no more selling cars to Latin America, no more building buildings in Dubai, no more selling phones to India. Bring back the manufacturing and let the Chinese develop their own technology (lol).

If the world sees a second Dark Age because whitey is no more, good.

If whitey is no more, deploy the nukes, every last one of them.

Don't enjoy the extinction of your culture, your civilization, your race, and your people.

Anonymous said...

What would be the economic impact to America if there were no African Americans or select another minority group. Also, what is the impact of having a $20 trillion dollar debt on the economy? I feel that it should have a negative impact but I would like to know more specifics.

Captain Capitalism said...

Anon 1211,

GReat question. Go to, send a request, and be prepared for a price quote around $200.


Old Iron said...

I am in a unique position to be in and out of multiple industries based off of my career (ISO 9001 anyone?) and I have to tell you that out of all of the places that I have been, we (the US) are one of the few nations that has an incessant need to innovate and create. I do agree with the multitude of points you make, but one: you are removing the cultural and almost compulsive NEED to create, and I ain't talking about interpretive dance. I just audited a company in the middle of fuck-all Minnesota that supplies 60% of the GLOBAL market of twisty-ties: and that came from a man that in the produce section of a market looked down at the product that he was provided and decided "I can do that better". Yeah, there's a current downward trend in the visible market that might indicate a bloat of a leeching class, but there are shining lights.

-And I have hope.

Unknown said...

Interesting piece...I don't believe ANY man or woman should apologize for their color or gender or feel like they HAVE to represent such. That is the falicy that liberals (racist) in America have introduced to society. This is what and is starting and progressing America's down fall. Instead of people working together, living together, praying together, working together to make something they (racist liberals) have found the solution (for our destruction). Let's point fingers until there is nothing left to point at

Unknown said...

Your rosy predictions fly in the face of reality. Culture is meaningless first. Race is not a social construct. Society is a racial construct. What a non-White world would look like already exists now. You need not speculate but simply have a look. Its Africa, Haiti, Venezuela, and other diseased mudholes. Those Mad Max films only seem White cause they're filmed in Australia, but like all media its merely a race inversion. Brutal gangs of ravenous thugs only look White in the lugenpresse. Hollywood has done it with LA Law, and movies your whole life. A non-White World is Mad Max. Or if you prefer, Planet of the Apes. The Planet of the Apes started as sci-fi, but quickly became a lying portrayal of the "Civil Rights" crap that was happening at the time. No space travel or technology. No food or clean water. No electricity or other modern utilities. A Nuclear War could be catastrophic, but Whites could rebuild. Other races would quickly collapse to their genetic inferior levels. Water has a level and so do genetics.

Anonymous said...

Fucking dumbass. Minorities don't need whites to live. If whites weren't on the earth, Africa, and the Native Americans and much more races would have pyramids built from the ground up, perfect and beautiful. We would live in Paradise, only if they where never alive back then. But because white people did invade Africa and take black people and make us their slaves we were treated like crap . So after slavery ended black people were still seen as dirt. We were given nothing. Them segregation came and we were given the bad side of everything, less money, worse houses turned into the hood. We were always treated like crap. We never needed to depend on fucking white people. We never should have, but because of what they did the world is in this big ass mess whether they want to believe this not.

Anonymous said...

THIS is what Earth would look like without whites....

1. Ancient Africa (Kemet/Egypt) would today still be governed by the same brown and black people who created and ruled it for thousands of years since there are no European invaders to come steal from them, murder, rape and enslave while trying to destroy, alter or lie about the true original inhabitants of the entire African continent.

2. Slavery would not exist in America because there would be no European invaders who, in their laziness, selfishness and greed, kidnap and enslave Africans.

3. There would be no power and wealth for whites since that is only the result of slavery. Whites were weak and lacked morals so instead of choosing to work and earn wealth and power the ethical way they used other people (black slaves) to get rich by forcing them to do all of the work.

4. Racism would not exist so people of color would enjoy a life free of the evils of racism in a world where whites don't exist since whites invented racism, whites maintain racism and only whites benefit from racism.

5. The petty insecurity and jealousy/envy of white people would not exist in a world free of whites since without whites people of color would not constantly be disrespected and abused just because the white man wishes his penis was larger and hates the men of color who naturally have larger penises.

6. Rape would greatly decrease since no one has raped children and women (of ALL colors) on this planet as much as white males have both historically and currently.

7. Pedophilia, incest, bestiality and homosexuality would not exist since ALL of those sexually perverse abnormal, unnatural acts BEGAN in Europe and were first done by white people.

8. The planet's natural environment would be healthier and thrive since no whites would exist to try to either control or destroy nature. No one strives to kill everything and everyone that they cannot control like the white race does. Due to a lack of melanin, whites don't experience the innate connection to nature that people of color do. The same melanin in us is the melanin we see all around us in nature.

Overall the entire planet Earth and its various hue-man societies would be so much better if whites had never existed. It would be like removing the planet's worst element (biggest bully/psychopath/evil group), the one race that has done the most damage to everyone else and leaving behind only those who have been plagued by the cancer that is the white race.

African, Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, etc. (AKA people of color) have one huge thing in common. The wicked white people have treated ALL of us like shit in their selfish, greedy quest to be/have ALL the wealth, control and power. The whites murder, lie, steal from, use, trick, poison and abuse people of color to get/keep power, wealth and control.

A world without whites is a kinder, gentler world where people are safer, happier, more financially/economically successful, free and healthy.

Captain Capitalism said...

Hotep Anon 124

You do know the ancient Egyptians had slaves right? Which technically makes Africans the first slaveholders. I'm sorry, that's a part of African culture I don't care to appropriate.

David Jravis said...

Now there's a REAL racist, right there.

Anonymous said...

I have an interesting story, I actually lived in a world with only white people. It was called Scandinavia. I didn`t see a black man for 20 years, it was a white as snow. It was also very safe, very quiet and you didn`t have to lock your doors. Rarely did anything happen, it was paradise. I grew uo in and lived in this world.

Then black people started arriving. More and more of them. In the beginning I barely noticed it, just some new people, who cares. But then I was forced to notice it, when the amounts of rapes, robberies, thefts and murder skyrocketed. The statistic went through the roof, I had never seen anything like it. People were robbed on the street, it was unheard of. Then more black people arrived and it just got worse. Now our capital is a rats nest, I used to live there but I had to move. I can`t live with insane criminals in my neighbourhood. And that was the result of black people arriving. Now I have maze and all sorts of things, it`s a must, you must have to be somewhat safe. You never know when a black man will jump out of a bush and try to kill you so he can steal 10 dollars. A while ago I applied for a license to carry firearms. This is the result of black people arriving. And I just want them all dead. They have destroyed my safe, little country just by being themselfes. And for that I hate them more than words can describe. I don`t care about their skin, they could be a bright neon green for all I care, but their behavoiur is the behaviour of sick animals, it`s not accetable.

Anonymous said...

You are the epitome of ignorance, the exact definition of a racist. I guess the truth of this article was too much to bare
Obviously you have absolutely no knowledge of history. Did you write this trash in your jail cell?

Anonymous said...

Your starting point is from a Eurocentric POV. Everyone on all 6 continents were self sufficient!!! No one ever needed WHITE PEOPLE. THE END.

john said...

What is even worse for the heathen minorities is not many of them will ever see heaven! Why are the mexicans and chinese sending illegal drugs into the US? It is to destroy the white Europeans. Satan knows that the white Europeans are the lost tribes and he wants them to pay before he is sent to hell! Yes the whites will be gone and you minorities can finally create your own private hell on earth before God sends you to hell forever!

Anonymous said...

"erase the entire race just because you hate it", your article really says a lot about your life.