Friday, November 11, 2016

My Compilation of Crying Hillary Supporters

This makes me feel a touch better.  But we're a loooooong way from even-stevens for these socialist parasites taking 40% of my life time labor for their own political interests.  Do note how ugly these women are.  I'm not joking, there is a correlation between leftist political belief and ugliness.

I know ladies, I know.  "Vagina" didn't win it, and nor should it ever have because that's genuine sexism.  You might get 5% less a raise this year in your cushy government-make-work non-profit jobs.  And you know what, some of you might experience what we do in the private sector and get laid off.  I know, your life is NOT going to be perfect.  It's just not fair!

And I know, I know.  You're likely going to have to pay back those nasty mean taxpayers who lent you money at lower-than-market-rates for your women's studies degrees and your masters in communications programs.  And there's an increasing chance you'll have to work real jobs, because, well...most of you are fat and ugly and no man is going to want to marry you.  So good luck paying back your $150,000 liberal arts degree tab slinging coffee for $8.60 an hour.

And dearies, trust me, I know.  Without private sector workers forced to fork over 50% of their income, you're not going to be able to afford that brand new Volvo because the "Vice Reserve Assistant Deputy Diversity Director" position won't be funded at PCU.  You're not going to be able to afford those daily $5 lattes at the organic shop.  Yes, you may have to shop at the commoner's grocery stores where everything is not organic.  You'll have to slum it with normal, real people who work real jobs, and don't depend on government largess to finance their made-up faux careers, or just outright government checks.  It is truly horrible the world you live in.

But at anytime, and trust me, we all understand, it's OK if you move to Sweden where everything is perfect and feminism reigns supreme.  Because they at least know that "because vagina" is the answer to all of the world's problems.  They're so much smarter and not-sexist, it's a utopia already in existence.  I suggest moving to Malmo.  I hear it's very diverse over there.

Enjoy the decline.


Bill said...

I just got back from holiday in malmo. Had a rootin' good time!

luisman said...

Schadenfreude is grossly underrated hehehe

David Jravis said...

The good news is, Hillary lost. The bad news is, Trump won.

I'm not a fan of Trump in the least. We could've done much better than him... not that I buy into the belief that a single man in the high office can turn things around for us, no matter who it is. That has to take place locally.

BUT, that said, I can at least take solice in watching the precious snowflake millennial heads collectively explode. Thanks for the pics!

Marci said...

I am hugely disappointed in this list. You didn't try hard enough. It could have been a lot longer.

~ Enjoying these little spots of happiness in the decline.

C.J. Caswell said...

A++++ would schadenfraude again!

Lab Guy said...

Let us remember that if a real emergency occurs in a city, such as electricity or water being gone for a while, this is our competition. These people won't make it two days tops.

Also, once again, I'm glad I never joined the military. None of these people have a life or property worth defending.

Anonymous said...

It appears the uglier they are the harder they cry?

-Denver Ben

GregMan said...

Maybe now they'll have to use makeup and lose a few pounds.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"Yo, where the good lookin' white bitches at?"


Geoarrge said...

"Conan, what is best in life?"