Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Asshole Consulting One Year Annivesary!

Happy day all!

Today is Asshole Consulting's one year anniversary!!!

And unlike most American businesses, it was profitable in the very first year!!!

To celebrate I'm having a VERY SPECIAL and VERY ASSHOLELY 0% OFF SALE for all Asshole Consulting requests today!  So spread the joyous mirth and happiness of the world's only company that specializes in truth at all costs (and charges for it)!  Tell family, friends, and morons who desperately need the services of Asshole Consulting!


Karl said...


But aren't you afraid that someday you'll solve all the problems and go out of business?

Semi-employed White Guy said...

Congratulations to you sir! I guess being as asshole pays. Maybe you should start a School of Assholic Business Studies.