Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Gov. Mark Dayton Found to Be Stalking His Wife

Gov. Mark Dayton is seeking a meeting "as soon as possible" with his wife about her decision to go out with her girlfriends Friday night without his knowledge.

Dayton told reporters Wednesday that he did not get advance warning about her going out as it is customary for his wife to inform him of everything she does, thinks, and says. He says he wants to hear directly from her about what she did, why she did, and who she was with.

In a statement, Mrs. Dayton said she looks forward to working with Mark and other Minnesota elected officials to inform them about her intentions and whereabouts last Friday.

Mrs. Dayton told friends Tuesday that she would "do what she wanted because she is her own person and Mark did not own her as a slave." Governor Mark Dayton called this display of self-ownership "tragic."

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My take on it here.


heresolong said...

Target: Hey Mark, kiss our collective asses. You aren't the boss of us (anymore).

Eric B said...

I know a guy who worked for the Dayton Corp for years. Back in the day they did everything they could to keep goofy Mark away from the business. The family knows he is nuts. Too bad the voters couldn't see it, thanks in big part to the media refusing to point out the obvious and a GOP that was too cowardly to point it out.

heresolong said...

Oh, PS, can you look into adding your videos to your RSS feed as audio tracks. It is a pain to have to keep going to youtube, downloading all the videos, converting them to audio, then transferring them to my phone. I end up just not listening much other than your blog.

Anonymous said...

I once met this guy in a private setting and could tell he was a moron in less than 30 seconds! Nice going MN voters. Didn't learn from the Ventura debacle did you?! What's that say about you?