Friday, March 20, 2015

Narrative Uber Alles, Leftism Uber the Children

I had read an article somewhere where a lesbian mother was confessing she desperately wanted her daughter to become a lesbian.  I had tried to find the original article (and if you know of it, please link below), but instead found this more disturbing one from 2011 where the lesbian parents are treating their son with hormone blocking drugs to "give him more time to determine if he wants to be straight or not."

Then there's this article that cites a study that claims to have debunked the "Single Mom Myth."  It shows that a mother's education overcomes whatever her marital status she may have when it comes to the efficacy of raising her children.  Never mind the sample size they chose was highly dubious.  And never mind it was done by an all-woman's college.  And never mind the sociologists have a blatant conflict of interest in promoting education to women at the expense of their families.  The ends justified the shoddy methodological means.

Now the point I'm going to make is not that this study is proof that academic studies can no longer be trusted, or that lesbians somehow make bad parents.  The point is the common variable that connects these two articles together:

Narrative Uber Children.

No matter what the left claims about wanting to help the children (or whatever pet cause they cite), it's instances like the two mentioned above that they belie their true colors.  And when you get a glimpse into the true hearts of these leftists you can understand just how evil and vile they are.  For they are so wedded to their political ideology that they are not only willing to:

Parasite off of society's producers
Lie to society
Legally steal from others
Bankrupt the nation, but

they will do so at the expense of children, even their own.

This isn't to say that all lesbian mothers put their politics and sexuality above their children.  This isn't to say that all sociology doctorates seek to fabricate a "study" that will undermine the upbringing of millions of children.  But if you look at the actions of the left, particularly when it comes to forcing them to choose between their ideology, their politics and the leftist narrative or their children, a scary percentage of them will throw their children under the bus.

The reason is simple - ego.  They simply value themselves and their ideology more than their children.  They are no different than their "right leaning" counterpart families where they have children, only to outsource them to daycare, and are twin siblings of the occasional vegan parents stories where their child dies because the parents valued their faux-vegan-religion more than their children.  They are simply vile and evil.

The question is what to do about it?

There's not much that can be done (bar legally in the case of child abuse and neglect), however their arrogance does expose one of their flanks.  Society has moved so far to the left and political correctness instilled so many lies, they don't realize their abhorrent behavior is on display for all to see.  Worse, they're not even aware their behavior is abhorrent.  They think it's noble.  It's just.  It's admirable.  Because it's advocating the leftist narrative, and the narrative is uber alles.   So when they proudly display their leftist credentials, while at the same time throwing a generation of children, even their own, under the bus, all one needs to do is highlight it, point it out, and make it very clear just how sick and wrong these people are.

And yes, they will scramble, cowardly hiding behind their victim trait of being "lesbian" or "female" or whatever.  And you will be accused of being a racist or a bigot or a homophobe for daring to criticize their priorities and religion.  But in the end you are merely and genuinely standing up for the children.  Something leftists seem to have a hard time doing.


Andrew Smith said...

I think this is the article you were looking for.

I'm also a fan of this one about the evviiills of private school. Apparently everyone should suffer in public school because of the common good or something.

EWK said...

Sally Kohn is the idiot's name you were looking for at the beginning of this article.

Ideology uber alles.

bensvanquisher said...

TroperA said...

I wonder if the impulse to do this is like the impulse of the 16th Century Puritan who willfully burned his neighbors and family members to the stake in order to save their souls. At least, as goofy as it was, the Puritan thought he was giving his victims a ticket to a happy afterlife. Feminists and leftists don't care what happens to their children and neighbors. They slaver over "The Cause" as though it were an Alpha Male promising a few nights of wild passion.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. My wife just quit her job. The final straw was the toll it took on our children (both primary-school age) . The wife is an MD, so she had quite a bit invested in her career, and I don't make MD money.
The bottom line, though, is everyone is happier. Kids get more time at home, more time to get homework done and play outside. Within a month their schoolwork improved significantly and love the time with Mom. The wife is happy, not a single regret.
We could do this because the only debt we have is a mortgage. We will have to make some lifestyle adjustments, but big f-ing deal. The bottom line is we finally got our act together and did the right thing.

Glen Filthie said...

"This isn't to say that all lesbian mothers put their politics and sexuality above their children. This isn't to say that all sociology doctorates seek to fabricate..."

Ahhhhh. Political Correctness and an Asshole Consultant - together at last!

Heaven forbid that we ever be objective and truthful! No, not all lesbians are bad parents - just most of them.

Stereotypes arise for a REASON. I am mature enough to spot the exceptions that prove the rule, thank you very much.

Most people are.

Andrew Smith said...

Here's another gem about colleges going to hell in a hand basket. Fair warning, read with a stiff drink.