Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Helping Blacks is Now "Racist"

I swear, the insanity political correctness has caused:


Glen Filthie said...

Well, Cap...what do you expect? The audience that book is aimed at is largely illiterate anyways, has an IQ equal to or less than 85, and they have no interest in work, investment or saving.

When you throw in the legions of their white socialist enablers who have turned black poverty into a respectable industry - anything to upset that is going to be met with hostility and if you push it - possibly violence.

Just make sure you don't get hurt in this Cap. There are a lot of thugs mixed up in this and to them common sense is anathema. There is a lot of momentum in that particular gravy train and I don't see it stopping anytime soon. Would hate to see ya get run over by it.

cdw said...

Dear Friend, even just acknowledging their shortcomings indicates your, mine, theirs, rampant racism. Just look at the section 8 race riots that are not in the msm. Anyways, some people need all the help they can get.

Bob Smith said...

If helping blacks is racist can we now get rid of all our racist welfare programs and reduce taxes?

Anonymous said...


Picture yourself a fat black woman writing a book titled "the white male's guide to losing weight" ?

That's about the same impression you are making with this book. The instructions in the book might be brilliant, but the delivery sounds fishy.

You should have ghost written this book and had it published by a black writer and hidden the fact that you wrote it. The accusations of racism would not have held waters this time.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that your book will probably help more whites than blacks.

Some whites will actually buy your book and follow it's teachings and get themselves out of poverty.

Consider writing a book titled "the white man's guide out of poverty".

There may be more blacks than whites living in poverty, but there are more whites than blacks that want to get out of poverty but just don't know how and would welcome a hint or two.

I garantee that if you write a book titled "The White Man's Guide Out Of Poverty" that it will be a best seller.

Tay said...

It isn't racist helping Blacks of of poverty ... well ...

unless you're white
unless the way you're advocating involves personal responsibility and effort
unless you advocate useful job skills
and unless you're black and critical of previous methods aiming to help blacks out of poverty. Black on black racism is dubbed 'Uncle Toms'

beta_plus said...

Please don't yell at me for asking, but when is TBMGOOP come out on Kindle? Some of us want to read it very badly but need to read it discretely. I'll pay the same price as the dead tree version.

Anonymous said...

You could have played on their psychology. You could have actually added some racist stuff in your book, enough to get them angered.

The would have exposed your book on youtube, on talk shows, on tv, in the news etc.

You would have been famous, your book would have enjoyed enormous publicity and then you could have retracted about the racist stuff, admitted that it was a publicity stunt to make more sales and that it was worth it because you will help more blacks that way.

You're too formal, too conventional, too boyscout. You have to get a bit dirty to stand out and make sales.

If you are already getting accusations allover the place, then this is free publicity.

Play the game. Make people want to buy your book to see just what it is that is "racist" about it.

Stop trying to defend yourself against the false racism accusations. Play the racist guy.

The more they are going to hate you, the more they will make publicity about your book.

Come on captain, I thought you were a strategist.

You could have consulted with Aurini on a confrontational marketing campaign and he would have told you the same thing that I am saying right now.

ELDM said...

You wrote a book intended for people that can't read?

Anonymous said...

I second Glen Filthie...comments are right on the mark.

Kristophr said...

Anonymous 4:33:

That would be an example of accepting the Social Justice "Warrior"'s frame. When you accept their "rules", you fall into their trap.

As long as you are white, you are only allowed to open your mouth when you apologize for being white. All other times you say anything are racist.

Aaron is not a fat person writing diet books. He has a steady non-9to5 income, that he worked his ass off to create, and can do as he damned well pleases.

Glen Filthie: The far left has started the process of dumbing down whites as well. Enough welfare, and subsidized breeding by worthless trash, and the average IQ of caucasians will be just as low. Blacks have just been abused longer by the Democratic Party.

leeholsen said...

the sad part of it is the majority of blacks have no chance thanks to 50 years of illegals. now, you cant tell many that LBJ steamrolled them first trying to "help",then Reagan and Obama finished the job with their "amnestys"; but the average young black person has the bleakest future ever, ironically under our first black president.