Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Governor Pence Has No Balls Podcast

In this relatively curse-free podcast

Bottleneck people strike again
Never buy a Google phone
The end of talk radio
How the baby boomers never helped, but hindered younger generations
Does anybody attend baby boomer funerals?
Kids faking they have mental diseases
Murdering Aaron Clarey
Indiana's Governor fails the leftist shit test




mts1 said...

A bunch of companies were pulling their conventions out of Indy, Indy's economy is based on convention revenue, it's a convention company town. Plus three states banned non-essential air travel to Indiana. The NCAA was going to pull the Final Four out, some companies like Apple and Pfizer were going to boycott doing business in the state. Republicans being Republicans, they decided to treat social conservatives like they always have, the same way Democrats treat blacks (we'll take your votes but when the rubber hits the road, leave you high and dry).

And so for the love of filthy lucre and to ensure the legacy of the impression that they are the party of the rich an only care about money, they sold out for 30 pieces of silver, as it is.

So instead of acting like Pacino at the end of the movie Scent of a Woman, instead of reminding these firms that they have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to do business in Indiana as they do in the other 31 states that have the same law, and with the feds, which have the same law, and remind the states that banned air travel that they just violated Article 1 Section 8 Clause 3 of the US Constitution which names Congress as the body responsible for regulating commerce among the states and that any state official who authorized this interference in interstate commerce shall be arrested for treason if he ever sets foot on Indiana soil, that if Apple does business with the likes of China (where they have suicide nets around the buildings due to the massive number of jumpers)and the Emirates, how dare they be upset with Indiana? And anyone who encourages a loss of business for the state via the spread of lie and misinformation about this law will be sued for fraud and slander for spoken defamation or libel for written. If any social justice warrior wants to say his piece, "I'm just getting warmed up!" Or Reagan's famous, "Oh just shut up!"

Anonymous said...

On a nexus phone you want to click the phone icon rather than contacts to call. It seems silly until you realise that the young techie people almost never call anyone anymore. We use messaging apps or something free like skype instead of fucking about with a call and all the carrier allowances involved with that.

Anonymous said...

You're right on the google keep thing though. I've just seen that and fuck em

Mark said...

I live in Indiana. I think a firmer way to defend this new law would have been on the philosophical basis of freedom of association rather than religious freedom. The religious proponents of this law have already accepted the premise that the government can say you can't discriminate on the basis of race. Social conservatives here in Indiana certainly don't believe that a business should be free to sell or not sell any product it wants to willing customers. They are the most ardent opponents of drug legalization, for example. Once you've thrown freedom of association overboard in one area it's harder to defend it in another area. Social conservatives need to understand the importance of the principle of freedom of association. Once you give the government any power to make exceptions to freedom of association it can end with the government being in the control of your enemies who will then use that power against you instead of for you.

just some guy said...

I'd go LG over Samsung. Samsung ran a bunch of dad the stupid buffoon ads a few years ago. I havent forgiven them.