Friday, April 03, 2015

A Sad Day in Cappy Land

Howdy All,

Bad news every one.

Some of you may or may not know of "The Girl That Is Not Mine" that I reference in my podcast.  This is a little child of a friend of mine I've known since she was 6.  I take a particular liking to her because she comes form a divorced family, is a tough little booger, and when I pick on her she not only can withstand it, but kind of throws it back.  We have very much an antagonistic older brother/younger sister relationship, and though we SWEAR we are "sworn enemies," clandestinely we "may" not loathe each other that much.

Sadly her house burnt down and among half her worldly possessions, she lost two dogs.

I'm not much of one to ask for charity (and frankly am waiting for the day for a lawsuit or free speech issue to come down the pipe, and THEN I'll be asking for your help), but in the meantime if any of you wanted to help the little kid out, I'd sure appreciate it.

I would like to raise enough money to replace two dogs, get her some flowers, and ice cream, as well as any excess funds that would go to replace her material stuff she lost in the fire.  Any additional money raised will probably go into a college fund or something.  So if you want make a donation using the button below (or the pinup girl "DONATE" button on the side bar) please do so.  ALL FUNDS WILL GO TO THE KID, not me!

Because PayPal doesn't make things easy,

1. PLEASE PUT "VARMINT" (that's the nick name I gave her) in the description box
2. Then the amount you want to donate in the "Item Price" box.
3.  Hit "update" and then off to your right you will have to click "Pay With Debit or Credit Card" to use a credit card to make a payment
4.  You will also have to provide some personal information, and THEN YOU NEED TO:
5.  Decline signing up for Paypal and other painassery to make the payment go through.

In short, make sure you get to the page that CONFIRMS the payment went through.

Anyway, if you know anybody else that would like to help certainly feel free to forward this to them.

Many thanks for your help!


(PS - If you wanted to leave a kind message for Varmint below, please do!)


CBMTTek said...

You're a good egg there Cap'n

Let us know how well the campaign goes, and give our best wishes and deepest condolences to Varmint.

SGT Greywar said...

God bless. Hope her and her family come through it all well.

grey enlightenment said...

do you have a link to an episode in the podcast where you talk about her? I don't remember the reference. Is she a hardcore liberal or something? I feel bad about the dogs, awful...

Rachel T said...

To all those in the Cappysphere...Please know that your dear Captain is not trying to pull the wool over your eyes or fleece you for your hard-earned dollars.

I am "Varmint's" mom.
This post brought tears to my eyes, which I have to say is not a hard thing to do the past few days. My daughter's dad's house burned to the ground on Wednesday, April 1st and they lost absolutely everything including her beloved dogs. She is absolutely devastated but is also doing remarkably well for a 13-year-old.

Having to start over is so very hard but what is the hardest is the realization of the things that are lost that can not be replaced.

Thank you all so very much not only for your financial gifts to my girl (I promise you they will be put to good use and not spent frivolously), but also for your thoughts, well wishes, and prayers. They are deeply appreciated.