Thursday, April 30, 2015

Why the Left Co-opts Society's Awards

If I were to say:

"The Nobel Peace Prize"
"Pulitzer" and
"Ivy League"

chances are most of you would have a twinge of a slimy, snakey, oily type of feeling in your stomach.  The hair on your neck would likely be rising.  And your eyes would squint, showing a hint of distrust.  This is a good sign because it shows your instincts, which have been honed over the past 2 million years to detect BS, are working just fine.  Because as time has gone on, these "prizes," "awards," and "clubs" that were once signs and proof of being the best and elite in our society, are now nothing more than obsoleted and meaningless status symbols that have been co-opted by the left to serve and advance their political agenda.

The Oscars no longer measure what was the best film or who was the best actor.
It's a platform for clueless (but culturally commanding) celebrities to vomit their leftist ideology.

The "Ivy League" is no longer where the best and brightest of our country go to study.
It's a club for rich, incompetent children to network with other rich, incompetent children.

And Mr. Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?  Heh, it might as well be the prize in a Crackerjack box.

But why does the left want to infiltrate, take over, and then use these institutions to merely award themselves awards?  What's in it for them?  And why are the hairs on the back of our necks going up when we hear about these awards?

The reasons be these answers three:

One - False Proof of Authority/Superiority

While you, me, and anybody else with half a brain have our BS detectors go off when you mention these awards, the majority of people do not.  They really still believe that if it won a Grammy, then it must be the best song.  If it won an Oscar, it was the best movie.  And that if you graduated from the Ivy League, you're really smart.

So if the left can control the electing or governing bodies of these institutions they essentially can "prove" to the sheeple of society that they are indeed right, correct, superior, authoritative, smarter and better than everybody else.

This is the best book to be reading.
This is the best musician to be listening to.
This is the smartest person in the class.
This is the best journalist in the country.

Of course, none of that is true.  President Obama (both a graduate from the Ivy League and Nobel prize winner) is neither smart, nor a noteworthy peace maker.  But that doesn't matter.  The left has won over the key voting boards to give him these now-plastic trophies which dupes enough Americans into voting him (and other talentless leftists) into office.

Two - Lowering/Eliminating Standards

Leftists hate only one person more than somebody who has more money than they do.  A superior person.

Superior at what?

Superior at anything.


The left cannot simply abide it.  So to ensure NOBODY is better than them at anything, they try to change the actual definition of "good," "bad," "excellent" etc., resulting in behavior that has just become simple insanity:

Fat acceptance
Elimination of the honor roll
Elimination of keeping score
Trigger warnings
The beach body protests
27th place trophies
The protests against Page 3 models

and let's not forget the outright circus that "victimhood" has become as professional victims claim oppression because of race, sex, ethnicity, privilege, 37 different genders, and lord knows what else.

Regardless, the aim of this insanity is very simple.  If they can eliminate standards, then they can hide their true selves - lazy, worthless, inferior people who (typically) live parasitic lives.

However, merely "surviving" is not enough for these people.  And though they do their best to hide in the elimination of standards, their psychology still needs to be the best at "something," ergo...

Three - Egos

More than masking their true nature, leftists need these awards, institutions, etc., to feed and protect their egos.

Making money isn't enough.
Being in power isn't enough.
Having complete victory over the United States isn't enough.

They need to be recognized and honored with trinkets and awards no matter how worthless the brand name of those awards have become.

You see this especially with Hilary Clinton.  The woman has more money than she could ever need.  She owes ALL of her success to her rich father and her philandering husband.  But instead of divorcing the guy and moving on her merry, luxurious way, she still needs to be in the spotlight.  She needs to run for president.  She needs to become a senator.  She needs to become the Secretary of State.  And she needs all those people fawning over her when she delivers speeches for $500,000 a crack.

The reason why is because deep down inside she knows she hasn't done anything of value truly on her own.  But she is so afraid of the toil, work ethic, and slavery required of that would be required of such real accomplishment, that her fear is stronger than the shame she has in taking the plastic trinkets, playing "make-believe powerful woman," imagining herself to be an accomplished individual.

And so not only do they award themselves awards to fool people into thinking they're the "best," they do it so they can fool themselves as well.

Unfortunately, this facade is not going to last.  And the reason is very simple.  The internet.

The internet is breaking the left's grip on the scams these awards have become.  Nearly all forms of media and art are now directly marketable to the consumer, doing away with gate keepers such as editors, guilds, publishing houses, and record companies.  People are also allowed to effectively vote, not just with their dollars, but likes, follows, retweets, traffic, etc.  And while the dying dinosaurs fight desperately to insist that they are the only true "chosen ones" to determine what is "best" in society" with these archaic and outdated awards, the true democracy that comes with the internet is proving empirically otherwise and identifying society's real champions.

It's why fewer people are watching the Grammys.
It's why fewer people are watching the Oscars.
It's why nobody cares that you went to Cornell.
And it's why everyone knows Obama winning the Nobel Peace prize made the prize a joke.

The truth is, this is one of the few bright spots in society I see.  Previous to the internet everything was filtered either through a MSM network, an editor, or a publisher.  And people really didn't know if "X" was the best movie or "Y" was the most deserving candidate for the "Presidential Medal of Freedom."  Now, not only do we have the ability to know just what a farce these awards have become, but nearly every award has been replaced with a digital judging system wherein all people get to determine who and what is the best in our countries.  Enjoy that decline!


Dr. Coyote said...

Don't leave out how the Hugos – formerly, science fiction's highest award – has been cheapened by a similar political agenda. Here's the gist of the story:

Anonymous said...

Hence the push by progressives to control the internet with "Net Neutrality" and progressive giants like google burying information damaging to the cause.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you understand how the internet works, Aaron.

Rich Fader said...

Actually, Yasser Arafat getting the Nobel Peace Prize made it a joke. Barry getting it was just repeating the punch line.

Anonymous said...

Quite possibly your best post ever.


ray said...

Agree, good post. Cheers.