Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ranking Schools by Value Added

Of course, most liberal arts majors have no intention of adding value to anything, so this report will be moot, but if, you know, you were interested in becoming a contributing member to society then you would be very interested in this report.


Anonymous said...

This is funny... I spent 4 years getting my worthless but sort of fun BA. Then, I stupidly went to law school. Now, I work at a distribution company packaging department. I don't work very hard but they can't fire me because they are constantly short-handed due to failed drug tests! Find the "Value-added" in that, Brookings!

Anonymous said...

glad to see my university in the 95th percentile for roi

John Wiemer said...

My university made the 2nd percentile! Woooo! Guess that's what happens when you offer almost nothing except education and the unemployment majors. I managed to snag a job as an actuary. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I took my little sister on a tour of Lesley University (right next to Harvard, I might add) and laughed at the majors of some of the girls (almost all girls touring) that they wanted to take. Art Therapy? English? Good luck!

No shock that it scores in the 2nd percentile in ROI.

I made a bit of a mistake not attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute, but I can't hate that my school still scored 89th percentile.

Anonymous said...

Also, talk about your boon for Marietta College.

Though, did someone actually review the methodology? For a small school, Marietta sure has a lot of well compensated athletes (baseball in particular).