Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How the Government Ruined Black Women for Black Men

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Anonymous said...

The thing is as Obsidian now known as Mumia Ali would say is that Blacks are "canaries in the coal mine." What he means by this is that Blacks have been the first to experience this devastation and also the most harmed by this devastation, but the other racial groups will follow.. The bastardy rates are high and getting higher among all races in the USA with its negative effects on from worst and most impacted to least impacted in this order: children, men, society in general and women. However our ruling elite and their useful idiot social justice warriors and mainstream news-media and entertainment media would have you believe that women are worst impacted with children coming a close second and almost 50% of the time children replacing women for being the worst impacted, society in general being third and men being least impacted. The bastardy rate among Americans 70% for Blacks, 50% for Latinos and Native Americans(American Indians, Pacific Islanders such as Native Hawaiins, Guam(ites), Somoans, Eskimos etc., 30% for Non-Hispanic Whites and 15% for Asians be they East Asian or South Asian or any other kind of Asian. Enjoy the Decline.

SM777 said...

Well intended? Uh-huh.

Let's see, who set up the "great society" "war on poverty"?

Lyndon Johnson. A man who the TX KKK claims as a member.