Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I'm Majoring in "Spiritual Journies"

Alright class, can anybody tell me what Ms. Gronski did wrong here?

There are at least 5 major topics that are at the forefront of political discussion in the west today that are highlighted/debunked here.  Let's see if you guys can point them out/guess them in the comments section below.

OH!  In the meantime, if you want to make sure your kids don't because an e-begging, worthless parasite on the rest of society, buy your children this book BEFORE they go to college.


Anonymous said...

$5 out of $35,000 already! Looks like she will be in her spiritual waiting room for a while yet. She could do much better as a stripper or moving to New York to panhandle on the subway. Hell, working as a waitress would treat her better.

Anonymous said...

RICanuck says,

There is nothing wrong with her ambitions to "helping people see the beautiful potential within themselves and to help them along the way. I want to empower people to follow their dreams, learn self love, create their reality and true expression."

Her chosen vehicle will be unproductive. She should attempt to realize these ambitions as a wife and mother. She visibly has some of the necessary qualities; i.e. a certain level of youth, and evidence of an appealing femininity.

Her further education and development requires being able to see and be attracted to the inner goodness of average men, who could be willing to commit to marriage and family, despite the legal and social risks.

She also needs to be able to demonstrate the rudiments of household management including living within her means, budgeting, cleaning and organization, as well as the preparation of wholesome and economical meals.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Sorry Cappy - couldn't make it past the first few sentences.

Funny, on a semi-related note - I saw where an old school blogger recently got back in the game after an 8 year hiatus and had set up a GoFundMe as well. As he was a daily read back in the day; I was all set to throw him some coin but now I'm conflicted. You see, the fund isn't just for medical bills or blogging costs - it's also for his student loans.

For a B.A. in History. (Cue the "Price Is Right" trombone...)

Anonymous said...

Part two: Amazingly enough this free spirit who has already wandered the globe, ostensibly on her own, a parent's, or a boyfriend's nickel is a painter and has a "pussy painting" series. Never would have guessed that! I suppose they could be purchased, so at least she has some marketable abilities, Captain, my Captain.

Quick- go buy some for your offices and homes:


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that since you made public the concept of VIRTUE SIGNALLING, it changed my life. It really did! And today it clicked! It's about Angelina and what she did in the past. I think its related to virtue signalling. But I could not understand it for long time. If its true you will explain it to us. I think we need to talk more about virtue signalling because many people practice it in various ways. Its those things they do and we cant understand.

RedX said...

1) “I am a spiritual teacher, reiki and crystal healer, artist, YouTuber, traveler and writer.” - So right out of the gate, she doesn’t produce anything of value. Her profession is literally magic (reiki). So it is clear that she doesn’t really want to work.

2) “My dream is to be able to travel the world, helping people see the beautiful potential within themselves and to help them along the way.” - For whatever reason, she thinks that she is qualified to tell other people how they should live their lives. Just like teenagers who think they should be managers or psychologists, she is so arrogant she thinks she can give other people life advice. That is pretty smug from someone who has to beg for money rather than earn it.

3) She say that she has many outlets where she shares her “work”. So either she doesn’t realize the importance of profit (like Sound Cloud) or what she produces is worthless and no one would willing pay for it. Either way, it is an obvious sign that she doesn’t understand how the free market works. Not too hard to guess that she probably believes in socialism. She already believes in magic so why not socialism.

4) “Eventually, I would like to help bring communities together to help one another and to bring more unity to the planet through love, abundance, connection, art, and expression of all of our unique souls!” – This is the false belief that diversity has some sort intrinsic value. This is also tied up with the idea of using traits instead of accomplishments as something to be proud of.

5) “I want to empower people to follow their dreams, learn self love, create their reality and true expression.” - While she doesn’t come out and say it, it is clear that she thinks she is a “strong independent women”. The fact that she has to beg for money proves that she isn’t independent. A realization that I am sure is lost on her. Also, she wants to travel the world without having to earn it. She expects people to give her money instead of having to go out and earn it. She feels entitled to following her passion even if other people have to pay for it.

Jay M said...

'Spiritual' Journeys...

You don't find yourself wandering (getting raped) around Lichtenstein.

If you don't know 'where' you are; the closest mirror can help you out.

Instead of begging for charity so you can go look someplace you aren't, why not go out and work for some paychecks so you can improve the you in the mirror right now.

Anonymous said...

She's begging from people who have no money to give.

TroperA said...

This is almost as inane as those hipsters who wanted money to build forts for...reasons or other.... (This is the version of their spiel with the happy ending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHjVW3uUAb8 )

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with offering spiritual counsel. Even the Ol' Cap offers his own brand of counsel and advice.

But much unlike the example presented, he has real world experience and the insight it brings to draw from.

In other words, he put in his time and paid his dues, and didn't expect someone else to set him up in business.

Anonymous said...

This is bullshit. Fucking cunt-rag. Get a fucking job, work hard, save your goddamn money. NO, we're not all as one, we're not all the same. Fucking stupid. Jesus fucking Christ. All these cunt millennial fuck-tards and their Eat, Prey, Hump ideas.

Anonymous said...

She could whore herself out at $100 a pop; would only take 50 dudes soiling her to reach her goal of $5,000. She could probably knock that out in a few weeks, then be on her merry way to Australia.