Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Will ABC Cancel "When We Rise?" Doubtful, But...

If you didn't know, about two months ago ABC launched a trailer for their upcoming mini-series "When We Rise."  It was so bad and such a blatantly biased, leftist piece of lecturing, indoctrinating shit that it had 2 million views and a downvote ratio of 3:1.  Everybody hated it.  Straights hated it.  Whites hated it.  Blacks hated it.  Gays hated it.  About the only people who didn't hate it was the professional SJW/victim whore class that vainly tried to defend it with the obsolete, ineffective, and tiresome accusations of genderism if you didn't like the movie.

Naturally, in a country that has gotten over homophobia decades ago (not to mention) are sick and tired of being falsely accused of bigotry, there was a backlash.  And so large was the backlash ABC took down the trailer, leaving my mocked version of it (to my knowledge) the only one that has the original footage.

But then something interesting happened.

Quite quietly ABC released a "new" official trailer of "When We Rise" which begat the same disgust ratio of 3:1.  But what's particularly interesting about this video is that it only has 40,000 views compared to it's pre-taken-down-video peak of 2 million.  It's interesting because, while ABC is a traditional media company, it's not like they don't have the digital muscle to plug the show on it's various arms and subsidiaries giving it a million views like it had before.  Matter of fact, bar leftist online media sycophants who are obliged to fawn over this tripe, I haven't heard a peep about "When We Rise."  It indicates to me that this show is SO bad and going to be received SO horribly by the public, that ABC is quietly and sheepishly trying to back out from this trainwreck, limiting the damage as much as it can.  This was confirmed in my mind where it was announced ABC would postpone an episode of "When We Rise" for Trump's congressional address.

Admittedly the president's congressional address is a more important event than a mocku-drama-mentary.  But if ABC was so bold coming out of the gate with "When We Rise," AND given their general hatred for President Trump, why are they collapsing?  Are they not for gay rights?  Don't they want to blame everybody in America of hating blacks, hipsanics, gays, and women like they patently did in the original trailer?  Aren't they aware that normal, everyday Americans don't view themselves as homophobes and racists, and NEED to be FORCED to realize they are?  And aren't they aware that there's some people who INSIST they're not homophobic or racist and need to be lectured into submission?

The truth is saner heads at ABC are slowly (and very reluctantly) realizing that normal, everyday Americans are sick and tired of being accused of "isms" and "ists."  That Feminists Ghostbusters, Birth of a Nation, the upcoming Oceans 8 and other forced leftist/diversity/"you're racist" propaganda does not sell, especially so when you can't even mask its political agenda.

I sincerely hope Sony, ABC, and any other media company out there puts their reputations and their shareholders' money on political sermons, propaganda, hate, and race baiting.  Because dumb as the American population is, the Trump presidency is proof they are slowly (eeeeeveeerrrr so slowly) waking up.  And I can't think of anything better than you genuine bigots and race whores losing money.
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Un Americano said...

The title alone is cringeworthy.

Anonymous said...

ESPN still doesn't get it.

For the record, Disney, which owns ABC and ESPN, also doesn't get it - yet.

Alice De Goon said...

Disney Inc. gets it but it is now run by the very gays and Jews that Walt Disney used to have a hard hateboner for back in the 50's. Subverting Disney's picturesque Main Streetopia (and using his own company to do it) has been Priority #1 for the SJWs since Michael Eisner took the Disney helm back in 1984.