Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The US is the World's Bitch

Since cognizance, my observation of the US has essentially been a slow motion, 35 year nightmare where I saw the US triumphantly rise from the malaise of its 1970's ashes, to the supreme, undisputed superpower in the 80's, to the slow, inexorable decay that we unconsciously realize today.  And while the temperature in the pan has been slowly increased so American sheeple-frogs do not realize it, I and many of my counterparts are not so easily duped as we are fully aware of what has been going on.  Slowly, but surely, people on the left have eroded away the sovereignty of the United States, and have successfully brainwashed and indoctrinated the majority of the population to forfeit this precious and vital thing.

If you look at the attitudes among Americans (and western Europeans) their views on sovereignty are perverse and ultimately self-destructive.  They take no pride in their respective countries.  They have an irrational guilt for non-existent historical sins they did not personally commit.  They lack the ability to see the threats foreigners and foreign countries present if you do not maintain the integrity of a nation.  They're against voter ID laws.  They're OK with 58% of legal immigrants parasiting off of them, and they're additionally OK with 71% of illegal immigrants doing the same.  And they give preferential treatment to foreigners who do not like or respect them in our academic, corporate, and government institutions.  It's as if they're seemingly rolling on their backs, splaying and enslaving themselves to foreigners because they lack the basic self-respect for sovereignty, self-determinism, and self-ownership of their futures.

We can speculate all we want about why this is.

Americans have been successful brainwashed to hate themselves and the country.
Americans are cowards, afraid to actually fight in a verbal or hot war to protect their land.
Americans are deathly afraid of being called an "ist" and so like Sweden spreads her legs for all the world to rape.
Americans are increasingly siding with the more aggressive people because said people tend to win over countries and societies in the long run.

But whatever the reason, when we contrast these attitudes, or simply juxtapose them into foreign countries, we see how absurd and dangerous America's cowardly and flippant view towards their sovereignty really is:

Imagine going into Mexico and demanding the countrymen not only speak your language, but pay for your everything.

Imagine going to India and getting preferential treatment through H1-B visas over Punjab who lived there all his life.

Imagine going to Japan and demanding the right to vote and that their ENTIRE population simply breed itself out of existence because "diveristy."

And imagine just waltzing into Sweden, living off of the local population, getting the right to vote, raping the locals....oh wait, you don't have to imagine.  You can just visit.

Regardless, the point is Americans (self-hating leftists or rightists) can clearly understand why those host countries (bar Sweden) would have every right to arrest us, throw our asses in jail, and deport us.  We understand sovereignty.  We understand it's "their country."  We understand all of this...except when it comes to the United States.

This disgusting lack of self-respect makes us the world's bitch.  And the saying "Asia for Asians, Africa for Africans, and America for everyone" epitomizes the world's psychology towards the US.  For while Americans have been deluded this past 60 years with unrivaled economic growth and unrivaled debt spending to think resources are unlimited, the remaining 6.7 billion people on the planet know otherwise.  They know resources are limited.  They know poverty.  And if they can get a free meal out of a bunch of easily-duped, self-loathing pussies, they will.  It's why immigrants today are majority-parasites and why they really don't care about the morality of being parasitic.  Furthermore, if you didn't notice, they are more aggressive than the millennial liberal arts majoring pussies, getting pissed off and angry, daring to protest in a country that isn't theirs because they might be deported and their welfare might be cut off.

This presents a problem all Americans must face.  We must deal with the illegal aliens and immigrants in our country that have no respect for the country, no respect for the law, and (get this through your precious liberal-arts majoring heads) no respect for you.  They view you as a meal ticket.  They view you as a host.  And, if you take the time to think about time, money, and labor, they are doing nothing more than simply enslaving you to work for them.

Slavery, no matter how obfuscated, is a reason to go to war.  It is a disgusting violation of human rights, we fought a just war over it already, and any self-respecting person will not tolerate it.  However, this doesn't mean we have to go to war to re-establish US sovereignty.  Deportation is certainly called for and is a much more peaceful solution.  Building a wall, no matter what Sheila Lebouf says, is not "literally nazi" or "fascism" but simple self-respect.  And simply enforcing the law is not only well within the rights of the country, but moral as well.  I sincerely hope these peaceful methods, exercised over the same 30 years the left had to destroy this country, will peacefully re-establish US sovereignty, show Americans it's alright to demand their own nation, and remind the world the US is not their communal property.

But if it doesn't then it's high time the US act a little more like Russia and remind the world militarily.  I'm sure an army at the border with Mexico, shooting anybody who crosses into the US would get people's attention.  I'm sure building an internal Deportation Army to kick parasitic and criminal aliens out of the country would not only be a Keynesian boost to the economy, but send a clear signal to foreign countries that the US is not their communal time share.  And I'm sure that if we just decided to start taking over bits and pieces of other countries whose illegal populations invaded ours, they mind just reconsider viewing Americans as the doormats they are.

But that's just the problem.  Americans are doormats.  They're push overs.  They're weak.  They're self-loathing losers who only enjoy the standards of living they do because of the work of their ancestors and the fact we have the world's reserve currency.  They are so soft and self-loathing they'll gladly take in people who, at minimum, want to parasite off of them and, at worst, kill them because it's politically correct.  They simply do not have the spine, self-respect, or stomach for the violence and sacrifice that would come with a domestic war to reassert sovereignty.  And so, despite the election of Trump, you an expect America in the long run to become like Sweden and bend over for the rest of the world.  It's not only what modern day Americans deserve, but it's another good reason to do some reconnaissance as well as enjoy the decline.
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Marshallaw said...

They say History doesn't repeat itself but it echoes....

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this. Absolutely no sense of self-preservation on either a personal or national level. Even the assaults and rapes and persecution of gays has somehow made it through the lamestream news filters, as have the H-1 visa carriers, which absolutely should not be allowed so long as we have Americans who can fill those positions out of work.

This all will eventually come to a very ugly head.

Anonymous said...

It is all written in ancient texts. Human nature doesnt change. There is a story in Bible about Simson. Simson destroyed the temple so that he could see his enemies die even though it meant he killed himself too. Humans lust for revenge and by nature are not good. Western liberals are acting same way. They dont care if they die themselves if it means death to them they hate.

And if this is the case I dont see anything wrong what Russia does. Russia destroyes enemies within. If you dedicate your life destroying others in Russia, you are dead. Look at Litvinenko, look at Politkovska. If Swedes want to euthanize themselves, let them do it but dont force others to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Those girls are German btw. Your message still stands.

A Texan said...

They need to leave!

Faithless Cynic said...

These speshul snowflakes have never built anything. Remember the Muslim in Chief saying " You did not build that " ? That insult increased my hate for the man even more. I got tired of working for credit card banks and the constant layoffs, abuse, and illegal activity. I bought a totally fucked up 4 bedroom brick townhouse for $30,000. It took me 2 years to fix it up, teaching myself handyman skills along the way. After I rented that house, I bought another, fixed it up and rented it. I have come home dead tired from my day job, then, laid tile till my knees screamed with pain ( even with kneepads ) I did not notice the Mooslime poser anywhere on my property.

The point of my rambling is this: If you bust your ass to build something, you will resist someone trying to destroy it. The snowflakes never built shit and do not care if our country is destroyed. They have nothing invested. I hope I live just long enough to hear the wailing snowflakes " My God, what have we done "

My rentals? Still generating profit after 16 years :-)

Anonymous said...

Right now I believe Sweden has he lead in the Worlds Bitch dept.

Anonymous said...

I would jump across the border from da nort to be part of the personal deportation army. If any commies accidently ended up being deported as well, oh well.

Bill said...

Oh come on cappy! Everyone knows that the slut is the life of the party!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Faithless Cynic, when it comes to living just long enough to see the snowflakes meet a terrible end to their pathetic lives. They deserve to suffer immensely for pissing away what we passed on to them. And rest of the world can go fuck itself, we don't need it!!!

Take The Red Pill said...

"...I'm sure an army at the border with Mexico, shooting anybody who crosses into the US would get people's attention."

This is what Mexico did in the 1980's at their southern border with THEIR army, and they SHOT illegals from Central and South America trying to enter Mexico illegally; they STILL have their Army stationed at their southern border.
The thing that Trump should do PDQ is institute immigration laws JUST LIKE Mexico's, and then explain THAT fact to the Mexican government officials when those hypocrites start criticizing the US for enforcing our "unjust and inhumane immigration laws".

"Anonymous said...
It is all written in ancient texts. Human nature doesnt change. There is a story in Bible about Simson. Simson destroyed the temple so..."

The Biblical hero's name was NOT "Simson", but 'Samson' (or 'Sampson') the Israelite strongman who was seduced and betrayed by Delilah, his false Philistine lover who betrayed him to his enemies, the Philistines. ('sounds like a Red Pill story...)