Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Prof. Josh Roiland Should Serve as a Warning to All Liberal Arts Majors

Are you millennials waking up to just what a racket these posers and frauds in colleges and universities are?  They can't even support themselves!

Seriously, buy my book "Worthless" and don't become a worthless person like Josh Roiland.


A Texan said...

The reality is that even STEM fields are not a good bet with a Phd. Too many of the damn things floating around plus you have to compete with all the damn H-1's cuz you know, there just ain't 'skillzd' Americans anymore who will do those jobs.


PHD glut


MBA is not such a great deal either


Anyway, if he did not have all that debt, $52k is not a horrible salary. Probably looted a pretty penny in federal and state income taxes; maybe he should be bitching about that. The fact that he would drive a couple hundred miles round trip for $50 though does not show much financial or economic sense.

JK Brown said...

I thought the current conventional wisdom was that the more educated you were, the more money you made?

Along with wanting to be a musician, an artist, an actor, we can now add the parental advice of learning a trade you can fall back on to pursuing higher education.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything better than seeing these liberal assholes suffer from eating their own dog food?!! Justice served...medium rare!!

Tucanae Services said...

The prof deserves his destitution. Assuming 107mi one way, and car gets 30mi/gal he has a opportunity cost of $15 against the $50 earned for the gas he spends. So he's making $4.40/hr. He could say "you want fries with that order" and have a better economic result on a part time basis. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

My father was a journalism professor at one of the better journalism schools in the country before he retired, but he was a man from a different era. In his day, the news wasn't a ratings-driven entertainment show. He was serious about what he did, and ran a successful advertising/PR firm at the same time he taught. When anyone came to him asking about majoring in something he taught, the first thing he asked was what the person actually planned to do with such a degree, knowing often the prospective student may not have fully thought out the costs vs. benefits, or wasn't entirely sure what exactly they wanted to do.

It was a different time and different circumstances, many would argue better on both counts. He didn't graduate college with student debt to a point he'd pay on it the rest of his life. At that time a student could get something for his money if he picked a good major. Now, it seems those majors that will pay you back more than you paid in time and money are far fewer.

One should seriously consider all that and more before embarking on a degree. A good night's sleep is worth a lot more than a degree on your wall that does nothing for you.

Anonymous said...

The list keeps getting bigger.