Sunday, February 12, 2017

Yes, John Wick 2 is Really That Good


Frank Cervi said...

Seeing it tonight with a good buddy of mine. Revenge-porn/gun-porn, always a big fan.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, great movie. If you want to see the antithesis of a great movie go watch The Assignment on April 7th with Michelle Rodriguez. I saw it last night, and I got up and left because it was so bad. It's told by a woman doctor in a mental institution that was the best in her field, and set up an illegal surgical clinic to help the little people that can't afford medical treatment. This doctor is so great and tolerant that she uses worthless homeless people to do experimental gender reassignment procedures on. To advance human knowledge in the area of helping people change genders. So Michelle kills this doctor's brother, and the doctor gets revenge by performing a gender reassignment surgery on Michelle making "him" a woman. By far the cringiest piece of dog shit movie out of hollywood I've ever seen. On a scale of 1(don't watch) to 10(must see), I'll rate it a 0(boycott, to save others from the cringe).