Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Month Long Motorcycle Ride Continues

This time from the border between Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming.  Least populated area bar parts of Wyoming and Alaska in the US:


Anonymous said...

Where is that fish fossil stand? That looks fun to browse...

Holme Grown Brand Tours said...

Love those wide open vistas.

Steven Magallanes said...

What is your opinion on the Kawasaki Vulcan S? I don't like sport bikes, but boy do cruisers look great.

I was thinking Harley's Road King as well.

Stay safe Captain.

Dave S. said...

Enjoy your ride Captain!
..but keep the podcasts coming, please.

-Dave from Australia

Anonymous said...

Amazing how the world of MBAs and being CEOs ages you:

From this:


to this:


Grizzly said...

Medicine Bow National Forest in southern Wyoming is beautiful this time of year. Go the Snowy Range portion of the park, use the entrance just outside of Centennial WY. If you go, be sure to get the bacon burger at the Old Corral in Centennial. Best damn burger I've had in years.

You've got another month before it starts to get snowed out. Its every bit as spectacular as Rocky Mountain National Park, but there are no huge crowds because the tourist infrastructure isn't there like it is in the Denver-Ft. Collins corridor; although, you will see a fair number of hunters right now.

heresolong said...


I have 70,000 miles on my Road King. It is great. That said, you can put the same miles on most Japanese big cruisers for about 2/3 the purchase price (used to be 1/2 till the Japanese bike makers started making them look like Harley's, now most people can't tell the difference and they can charge more). I also put 170,000 miles on a Fatboy but I was younger and believe me, that makes a difference.