Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Biggest Lie Sold to Women: Part 2

Saw this come up on my blogroll feed, but Roosh exemplifies an irony most young (and old) women do not understand about non-feminist, non-leftist, traditional men.

They're not your enemy.

Matter of fact, men advocating traditionalism (or heck) merely pointing out biological reality, are actually better friends and allies to women than most feminists are.  And it has nothing to do with ideology, politics, philosophy, or some newly discovered epiphany.

It's merely that they're speaking the truth.

The good news is that I'm past the point of caring whether young women waste their lives or not. I, along with thousands of other men, have said our peace, tried to toll the bells, sound the alarms, and help women of our generation in the past, only to be eviscerated, yelled at and called "sexist."  And after a decade or so of that, not only do you tire of trying to help people, you soon realize it's too late for the women of your generation. And not only is it too late, they got precisely what they deserved.

I suggest you younger men try to reach this same epiphany and understanding.  If young women want to waste their lives chasing worthless degrees and replacing the emptiness in their lives with socialist/feminist politics, let them.  And not only let them, encourage them.  You are only going to be accused of misogyny if you try to introduce biological or economic reality into their lives, so cheer them on.  And when they're 53, finishing up that "Masters in Health Administration", and only have $100,000 in student loans and 4 cats to show for it, THEN you make the case for traditionalism, but while also saying...

"Of course, this is academic, for it's too late for you."


Take The Red Pill said...

The lie wasn't just sold to women; the women BOUGHT it -- hook, line, and sinker. They insisted on buying it, they eagerly bought it, and they viciously shouted down and insulted any man who tried to point out to them the lie's flaws and dangers to them (I was one such man).
I have no sympathy for women; they deserve nothing but the consequences of this lie which they insisted on buying.

Carl said...

I'm afraid it's worse than that for men. I started reading "Boys Adrift" by Dr. Lenoard Sax. I got 1/4 thru the book before I had to put it down. It made me ill to realize just how reprehensible our education system and apathetic parenting is for boys and young men. I had a bit of hope but even that is now dashed.

I don't believe I'm engaging in hyperbole when I say feminism has systematically destroyed the future of both sexes.

flighter said...

It's already been pointed out that women will choose money with no strings attached (wellfare) over the protection and provisioning of a loving husband. _ _ _ _ 'um I say, just live your lives and #enjoythedecline

Fny Wlch said...

The traditional man has never been an enemy of the female folks. Feminism is an evil social engineering scheme to make it seem as though, men have always been against women.

asylum said...

If you reallly reallly want to see this "buying-in to the lie" in its most glorious, start an on-line dating account. Pick one, pick them all (bumble, tinder, OKCupid, et al). Scan through all the 24-38 year olds and read their profiles.

There is no better indicator of the "quality" of the female product than to read how they assess and advertise themselves in the dating arena.

Anonymous said...

Having been in the opposite camp (read: a f*cking white male) for the last twenty years I would like to say we shouldn't be punishing those who have partaken of the feminism kool-aid. After all, twelve plus years of schooling (indoctrination) takes a lot of deprogramming to realize the truth. Retribution should be meted out to those who preach feminism and have worked to destroy our societies over the last 50 years. Retribution will be coming soon if current trends continue. If I had any reserves of white man empathy left (believe me, that well has been tapped dry) I would almost feel sorry for the people responsible.