Saturday, September 16, 2017

Why Minimalists are the Superior Race

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Anonymous said...

Good video Aaron. The happiest people in the world, on average, are also the ultimate minimalists - monastics of various religions. Coincidence? What do they know that the rest of the world doesn't? Something to think about.

Jimmy Dee said...

Read this several months ago....Don't be a a MAXIMALIST! (The source, a guy who lives in a converted van and travels the West, also happens to write a pretty insightful blog.)

Non-Ascetic Downsizing/Simplicity

In fact 'Less is More' is no more rational than 'The Bigger the Better' or 'The More, the Merrier'. Despite the apparent dichotomy, both poles of this duality care more for out-shining the Joneses than anything else, albeit in opposite directions.

Let's look at the Downsizing mantra from a rational viewpoint, and avoid pseudo-religious emotionalisms. The concept of Diminishing Returns is one of the most universal and true ideas in life. The first bit of Goodie X is wonderful; the next unit helps too, but not as much as the first unit, and so forth, until you are getting less and less for each additional unit of time or money.....

........... the Point of Diminishing Returns has the maximum slope. Therefore a real camper is a Maximalist (or Optimalist) rather than a Minimalist............

Tucanae Services said...

Ole Boomer here again.

First, your road trip. Absolutely enjoying the scenic shots. We are damn lucky humans that so much of it is still relatively untouched.

Second, I don't ascribe superior to common sense. But if that is what it has morphed into since my generation, so be it. But the life of debt free is superior.

Third, stuff. It does not define me but I got a lot of it, all paid for. Any of it essential? Other than my workshop items and the truck, no. I like a comfortable car but I don't need a E class merc, I can rent a Hyundai Elantra (quite underrated)for those long trips and pocket the 82 other payments of that E class for something else.

Point is there are shades of minimalism. And debt free allows one to pursue that lifestyle.

Fourth, I stumbled across this article that is very much in line with what is discussed --

Enjoy the ride.