Friday, September 29, 2017

Podcast Special: American Adjunct Professors Resorting to Prostitution

In this one topic podcast, Cappy reads from an article from The Guardian about American adjunct professors, how they're poor, some homeless, and others even desperate enough to resort to prostitution.

The article and the podcast are ABSOLUTELY MUST listening and reading in that it highlights everything wrong with leftism, socialism, and the consequences of ignoring reality and making these things your religion.  All (not some) ALL of the professors highlighted are middle aged+ women, with completely worthless degrees who swallowed whole the leftist indoctrination that all that mattered in the world was what THEY wanted.  The resulting horrendous consequences are only outdone by the laughter, joy, and "I-told-you-so-ism" that comes with watching arrogant, egotistical, and above all else, lazy leftists get the absolute every-living shit beaten out of them by reality.  It only adds additional sprinkles, whip cream, and cherries to the sundae when you find out most are divorced, some have kids, and others write spectacularly craptastic books.

Ensure EVERY young man and woman you know who is going to college listens to this podcast as well as reads Worthless so they will not suffer the same fate as these leftist automotons. 

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Mike said...

I saw this yesterday, and had to stifle a chuckle.
By the way, I got my copy of Poor Richard's Retirement yesterday. I'm about halfway through it (busy week). I even read a large part of the chapter on consumerism to one of my kids yesterday. She's blown away at how much money people waste on image and ego. I'm a subversive parent, programming the next generation of jaded, skeptical nonconformist geniuses with the aid of Cappy Cap!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a Robotech reference (around the 59:11 mark). Takes me back...

TD said...

Shout out for the Robotech reference!

Ben said...

Hey Cappy!

I've recently Finished a Celluar Biology PhD, and I can vouch that the job market in academia Tough as anything right now. For us STEM (and Econ) PhDs, this isn't much of a worry as we can repurpose our skills for the private sector, Bio PhDs tend to go into Big Pharma (myself included), Chemistry PhDs go to work at chemical companies, and Physics + Econ PhDs go into Programming/Quantitive/engineering work.

But for those Humanities PhDs, there is no practical application outside of teaching and writing books. A few smarter ones I know have started their own companies, or have retrained to work as accountants or programmers, but for those *special* young women who could never "lower themselves" to work outside of Academia, then reality calls to give a bitchslap.

My advice to anyone doing a PhD, then for the love of god do your thesis on something with real-world usage!! Cancer, HIV-AIDS, Chemical Production, applied physics etc, these fields may be less interesting but they are where the money is at! and will give you a MUCH MUCH greater chance of getting a good job that had you done something ridiculous like these chicks had.

Sorry for rambling here, but I get rather annoyed when people complain about not finding good jobs in or out of academia because they did their PhD in something stupid, I mean who is worth more to society, someone who researches treatments for HIV/AIDS or someone who spends years writing a paper on why the words he/she are homophobic.

Sorry for this rant, Great Podcast this week though!!

Um Americano said...

As always, the women have the easy way out.

Stacey said...

Podcast was great!

Stacey said...

Podcast was great!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that cracked me up.

I enjoyed the article, but you have one fine eye for detail.

I missed all the hyphenated names (I guess it goes hand in hand with the role here). I also missed where they lived. This is astonishing, and stupid.

I spent virtually nothing on my degree (in retrospect), got into my field and hated it. At the time (Early 80s) companies in my field (Broadcasting) would only hire contractors. So while my rate was similar to what these teachers are making now (Probably now double that in today's dollars), I couldn't be guaranteed income. I think you had an article awhile back on a woman that got a "contract" to teach, was told full time rate, but didn't have the full time gig. Very similar.

At one point, I got an "in" on a job in NYC, for what would have been double what I was making. The first thing I did was grab a copy of the NYT, and scoped the classifieds. A studio apartment would have been 3-4x what I was paying at the time. So sure, good money for where I was. Same money or less after I would have moved.

It took less than 6 months of this silliness to shift gears and get a gig in the trades that paid consistently. Less to start, but consistent. Within two years my salary had dwarfed the original, and each job thereafter was pretty much recession proof.

I was 22 at the time. These yentas are in their 50s. How long have they been kidding themselves?

DJF said...

These two stories really show the reality of the "Higher Education" business

They won't even pay the graduates of their own schools who now work for them enough to live a decent lifestyle. Or pay enough to pay off their education debts.

The colleges are just following the money making scheme of the rest of business, lower your cost especially for employees are much as possible. Most do it by bringing in H1b types or by outsourcing to the good communist countries like China. The Higher Education establishment cranks up costs, give expensive loans and creates a workforce of serfs.

Anonymous said...

As Thomas so well once said, you have to be highly educated to be that stupid. Or something along those lines.

Did it ever occur to these women that maybe they could teach high school? Boring, classes full of ingrates and morons. But decent pay, and usually sone sort of retirement plan. Oh yeah, but that would be work.

English teacher X is better off in crappy third world countries.

Anonymous said...

Socially, I know one lady that does adjunct teaching at a college, is seems quite happy with her job etc. Catch is: she is married to a physician. For her, adjunct teaching offers both an intellectual outlet and social cachet, while giving her enough time to spend with her children.

Did none of these women ever think of getting married to a guy with a steady job ??? Also, as a previous commentator

Luke said...

It's all made clear to anyone that will adopt the viewing mode on college degrees that I have. I don't consider non-STEM degrees, any degrees from the Third World, or any post-baccalaureate degrees from Second World countries to count as degrees, at all.

Further, any degree awarded by a college of Education, Women's Studies Department, or that lauds ethnicity or homosexuality count as a negative degree, wiping out one legitimate degree for each such. If some twit graduated from high school, then got one of those, I consider her to be someone who dropped out in 9th grade, and has done nothing since then except accumulate permanent brain damage.