Monday, September 18, 2017

The Emmy's and Stephen Colbert's Obsession with Trump

Hollywood's, and particularly, Stephen Colbert's obsession with Trump blinds them to the fact that America views them first and foremost for entertainment.  And when all you know is "slam Trump/slam Republicans," after 12 years of that schtick, it gets mighty tiresome and people tune out.

Of course, this is merely belying the fact Hollywood and the likes of Colbert really have no talent, innovation, or anything new to offer the American public.  Just like most of today's artists, they suck, and then use leftist political messages in their paintings, sculptures, poetry, and architecture to obscure this fact.

Yes, Stephen, I know you and everybody younger than you were brainwashed to hate conservatives, republicans, America, and white people in K-college.  But even with this huge indoctrinating/marketing/religious advantage, people get sick and tired of politics and sometimes actually want politics-free entertainment.  Alas, I'd like to say, "so get your monkey ass back in the cage and do a little dance," but you and most of Hollywood can't even muster up the artistic creativity to do that.

But by all means, please do make your life career "slamming Trump," and thus letting Trump define your lives.  Nobody is watching anyway.


Peregrine John said...

After the Emmys, I'm not sure I'd even consider most of them "entertainment." Geez, what a motivation to abandon the medium altogether.

A Texan said...

The Daily Show is a great example as well. The worthless mulatto Trevor and his writing team can only come up with lame Trump BS but never make of any on the left.

flighter said...

But if you don't watch the noose how will you be informed of the latest insignificant happening today?

Anonymous said...

Stephen Colbert has proven himself to be a total hack. He is absolutely, positively OBSESSED with Donald Trump. I swear he has a gay crush on Trump. He reminds me of that chick we all knew in high school who got scorned by the alpha bad-ass and then cannot stop bad-mouthing him because she wants him so bad and it's all she can think about. That is Stephen Colbert.

I suppose Colbert could be funny, but he's not. He simply has no material other than talking about Trump. I'm really neither here nor there about Trump, except I find him to be a bore. I don't find Trump to be particularly interesting, and I'm quite tired of hearing about him. Yet, Colbert and the MSM will not stop talking about him. It's really becoming quite disgusting now.

People are tuning out of mainstream entertainment at a breakneck speed. It is simply garbage. The NFL is the worst offender because the commercials are so unbelievably bad with the naked attempts at very unpopular social engineering. I won't get started on that though.