Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Episode #253 of The Clarey Podcast-"I'm Majoring in Horsies" Special!

Silver Dollar Bikini and Red Pill Posers.
Grandpa Bunny Bunny.
You can Major in Horses.
Rich People Can't Raise Good Children.
Milo Yiannopolous Gives Up the "Position of Fuck You"
Girls Replacing Men with "Fish Sex"
Dating Rich Girls


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

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TylerC said...

Laughed until I cried holy hell cap'n. "I wanna study big dumb animals"
Great podcast

Anonymous said...

Whoa, what utter BS! "Women want men less than men want women." Now remember ONE thing: Where do those children come from and who pays the bills?
There. You got it. Men.
Women want men and rely heavily on men buying this BS to get what they want. And they want it all to themselves. Expect to not get meals cooked -in all likelyhood she doesn't even know how to cook pasta right.
For some reason I observe that this plot against men is working frighteningly well. You guys are in control, all you got to do is raise the bar some. Yeah, you also might have to be a lttle strict with yourself. But I am pretty sure that this will pay on the long run. It will pay huge. Just think: You'll be the ones who are happy, healthy and enjoying your life secured with a nice amount of money that will allow you to keep doing stuff you like and not just wait indepted, poor, senile and with dementia in some grizzly home for the elderly.
Women are often cheap -not happy to admit this- and they know they can choose the first guy insane enough to follow along, because the amount of money she wishes for will come either way.
Just think, when you are told women want men less than men want women, that it is most probably the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait and one more: Horses.
Do those girls look like they can really -physically- work? Are they focused, calm and smart? Do they consider getting up at 4 AM and working 12hrs a day "normal" (including Sundays)? Can they do simple math? Do they know that you will not earn money by breeding and/or showing horsies?

If the answer to ANY of these questions is No, steer clear. Here's nothing to gain there. No matter her looks.

Only personalities with extremely positive work ethics can expect to just about make a living in this business. Everyone else has someone paying for it -which is okay if it is considered a hobby or a passion only.

But there is no degree in the world that will earn you money in horses. It takes "just" hard work. There's the learning and maybe -if you are very lucky and if this the thing you really really really MUST do- the earning.

But rather don't get into horses for money. Take my word for it, I have been in the industry for two decades. You can't study horses -you just can't. And you can't earn serious money if you even care just a tiny little bit about the welfare of the animals.

... now this comment got out of hand and I typing this on a smartphone. Too much work to review. So please excuse the mess.

But you get the message, I guess. And Cappy has various podcasts touching the topic of horses, there's some insight there too.

I'd like to bash fellow women and just add this: Many horse-women are actually horrible people. This goes for dog people as well. It's sad to have to say it.

Wandering man said...