Thursday, May 03, 2018

Large Leftist Towns are High Priced HOA's

And when the HOA members always vote left, you can expect your taxes to go up so much you:

1.  Are effectively renting the property from the city, which means
2.  You really don't own your property.  The city council does.


Faithless Cynic said...

Leftist Brain Disease:

Vote for socialism and the inevitable high taxes.

Bitch about the result.

Rinse and repeat.

It would be fun to ask these fools if they would vote for a financial conservative, just to see them convulse and puke.

Anonymous said...

Just come down to Florida. We want your pension, Medicare and SS money. As retirees start leaving the NE states because of the weather, cost of living and higher crime. Those cities will slowly implode.

Paul Thompson said...

The trailer (caravan) or RV (motorhome) options, mentioned in Bachelor Pad Economics is looking better every day. Of course, the grubbyment will find a way to "monetise" these as well, via massive hikes on registration, insurance, "roadworthiness inspection" fees, traffic/parking infringements, and restrictive zoning regulations designed to herd RVs and corral them in trailer parks and other "shearing sheds". Countries truly are "tax farms" and we're the livestock. Dmitri Orlov offers an alternative - live aboard a sailboat. If you must be a farmyard animal, don't be a sheep. Be a goat.

CT said...

I think the problem has more to do with supply and demand than leftist policies, though leftist policies are somewhat to blame.

Most of the large, leftist towns have these things lots of people like:

- Liberal drug laws. They can smoke their pot and not worry too much with being thrown into cages.
- Very high paying tech jobs.
- Generally much more accepting of lifestyles that are frowned upon in other places. For example, a gay person will have a much more enjoyable time in San Francisco than Jackson, MS.
- Stores and cafes on every corner.
- Adequate public transportation where you do not really need the headache of a car.
- Booming art scenes and lots of entertainment to get into. (if you have money)

There are lots of people who love those offerings and will want to move to a place like this.

Problem? Too many people want to move to places like this. As the law of supply and demand goes, when demand goes up but supply does not the prices go up.

That's the reason you have people paying 1000 USD to sleep on couches out in those places. Along with a very high homeless population of those that either do not have the skills or are the very specific type of person the large tech firms want since so many people want that job in what they think is a utopia.

Of course, they could do like someone I know did. He moved to New York and made great money as a male stripper. He lived in a place the size of a closet to save money. When he had a few hundred G, he moved to a place where money is worth more and bought an apartment complex in conservative Louisiana outright and now lives like a king off other people's rent.

A Texan said...

I'm so happy to see these leftist twits suffer. I believe the same thing is happening in Austin, TX as well. But, this another failure of civics class in 'pubic' education K-12. No discussion of allodial property rights. We basically pay rent to the government though services have to be funded somehow.

David Reynolds said...

I love it when the leftists suffer from their own stupidity. Don't these idiots know that the socialism they vote for costs money?

Take The Red Pill said...

"David Reynolds said...
...Don't these idiots know that the socialism they vote for costs money?"

The typical supporter for Socialism isn't concerned about whether 'socialism costs money' because:
1) they think that they're 'entitled' to someone else's money and property;
2) they also think that THEY will become one of the 'bosses' of the 'New Socialist Order';
3) they typically don't 'think that far ahead';
4) besides 'good feelz', immediate gain for themselves is ALL that they're concerned about.

After all, (to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher) Socialism only becomes 'unpopular' when it runs out of OTHER people's money.

Max said...

Would counsel against making fun of what happens to these high price cities. These people move then to Texas or Florida and vote in the same bullshit and raze your home towns by being idiots.

rootvg said...

If you don't have the debt, you can have the fifties now...or something close to it.

Take The Red Pill said...

"Max said...
Would counsel against making fun of what happens to these high price cities. These people move then to Texas or Florida and vote in the same bullshit and raze your home towns by being idiots."

True -- these Leftist idiots are what I call "California cockroaches": they get tired of the 'politically correct', crime-ridden, 'homeless'-infested, drug-infested, high-priced, over-regulated, and over-taxed Leftist 'paradises' (i.e., pestholes) that they've made of their state, cities, and communities, then move to the surrounding states to 'get away from' what they've created.
And just like mentioned above, they vote in the same Leftist politicians, laws, and regulations and eventually recreate what they moved into another state to 'get away from'.
This has happened to the once-pleasant cities in Oregon (examples: Portland and Salem) and Washington (examples: Seattle, Olympia, and Walla Walla), which are now in the process of becoming 'little LA's' and 'little San Francisco's'.

liberranter said...

I never miss an opportunity here in Arizona to rudely tell Caliornians to "Go the fuck back to that shit hole state you created! You made your bed hard, now lie in it!"

Needless to say, the most common rejoinder is "I didn't vote for/advocate the socialism there!"

No, of course you didn't. No individual snowflake EVER thinks that it's responsible for the avalanche...

Wandering man said...

Feelz don't do the thinkin'

Payner44 said...

Too bad there aren't laws that prevent these fucking idiots from leaving the shithole states they've created, just to do it again where they move to. It's criminal!!!

They better not move in next to me or they'll get an education being uncomfortable!!

And how soon can we hand over CA to the fucking wetbacks?!!! We'll be much better off afterwards!!!!!