Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Student Debt is a Woman's Problem

And I will contend because men are not being easily as duped into majoring in worthless degrees and paying insane prices for over-priced tuition. 

I'm going to say it for the cheap seats in case some women are listening so they might enjoy better lives.  LADIES, STOP MAJORING IN STUPID SHIT.  June is Worthless Degree Awareness Month and if you want to end this "college scam crisis" simply don't major in stupid subjects and pay insane prices for tuition.

And parents. For god's sake, do you love your children or not???  How can you let your children major in this crap, let alone go into debt for it??  Start sharing and WARNING people about worthless degrees and this problem can be gone within a year.


David said...

This article is a bunch of feminist BS. The reason why women are owing more in student debt is because:

1)They make up 60% of college enrollment.

2)They are more likely to choose to attend more prestigious, private or out of state colleges where the tuition is more than quadruple the in-state college.

3)Since mom and dad didn't teach their little princesses finances or inform them that when they take out loans, the lender rightfully wants to be paid back, they are more then likely to abuse their student loans by using it for other than tuition and books like personal expenses, clothes, on campus housing, spring break trips to Cancun or for studying abroad.

4) Men aren't going to college as readily as women are because colleges have become hostile to men and they see the current price tag not worth taking out massive loans to attend. They are either opting for work, military, trade schools or online certifications.

5) Men aren't majoring in worthless liberal arts majors as women are.

If they really want to close the student debt gap, then here is a suggestion: Stop loaning women any more money for college.

Un Americano said...

As always, it is blamed on that ubiquitous Wage Gap©.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

Un Americano said...
As always, it is blamed on that ubiquitous Wage Gap©.

Well, you certainly don't expect the 'privileged princesses' to 'look in the mirror' and assume responsibility for their own screw-ups, do you? THAT is anathema to them -- just like trying to get die-hard Socialists to admit that "Socialism just doesn't work".

VFM #7916 said...

If parents gave a damn, they wouldn't send their daughters to college at all, but would have encouraged dating older men with established careers with the goal to marry.

As it is it just adds another layer to a woman's MMV; if she's got debt, that's a negative. If it's 50k+, just say no.

Big J said...

Why do men get Bachelor of Arts degrees?

...but, but, muh Business degree, muh Econ degree, muh Finance degree!

Sell something on eBay and browse Wikipedia, you'll learn more than about business, economics, and finance than from your professors and their book learning.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until 5% of federal government revenues being funded by former suburban princesses that are stuck in a wage-slave debt cycle jobs until they're 75 via the interest being paid on their student loans. It'll be like a tax cut for people who didn't make bad decisions!

Anonymous said...

Apes thay must go home

Joe Bar said...

My girls graduated 10 and 15 years ago. They were debt free. It can be done, you just have to be realistic and plan ahead. The youngest even went to school out of state (best thing we did).

We paid for the first year, and helped with living expenses in the other years (oldest took 5 years, genetic research). They both worked to pay for tuition and books (biggest racket out there).

They are doing just fine. Oldest is a lab manager for Walter Reed Hospital in DC, and the youngest is headed back to school to be a physical therapist.

It can be done, people!

Robert What? said...

Never mind not waste time majoring in useless crap. I would say 75% of the people (female, male and the other 50 genders) going to college shouldn't even be going to college in the first place. They have no business being there and they will gain no benefit from it.

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