Sunday, May 20, 2018

Even Worthless SJW Journalism Professors Admit There's an Education Bubble

My god, you know it's bad when the LEFT admits there's a bubble.

But of course, not until she first made a baby boomer's worth of a career off of charging you kiddies tuition for said degrees over the decades.  I applaud her for growing the balls and telling the kids the truth.  Just convenient she comes out now about it on the precipice of retirement.


SM777 said...

Quite frankly, I think it's hilarious that a Bill of Rights hating (possibly devil worshiping) commie comes out of the closet and openly admits that she has been conning generations of moronic and idiotic college kids.

Hopefully, someday these clowns will be forced to admit that they wasted 4+ years in college learning nothing but purified B.S. Perhaps they will understand that what they were told by these profs. was pure SJW falsehoods.

I only hope that more of these leech...errr, "professors" openly state that they are spewing out leftist BS and nothing more. It makes it even more amusing that she is on the verge of retirement. "Hey Kids, I conned you and now I am cashing out. Haaaa Haaaa Haaaa Haaaa".

Absolutely Fabulous.

Jimmy Dee said...

Ms. Ruppel Shell writes about science, social justice and the economy.

Its been 40 years since I took the SAT, but let's see if I can frame it in terms of an SAT question:

".....Which one of the three does not belong?...."

David Reynolds said...

This article isn't ballsy. In fact, far from it. From what I read in this story, the author sorts of get it but not quite. Either that or she does get it, but she doesn't want to totally bite the hand that has fed her all these years.

At no point did this author offer cheaper and more cost effective alternatives to college like online colleges, online certifications or attending trade schools. Even though she does touch on the glut of those who hold college degrees and thus lessen the value of them, it is almost as though she still pushes college attendance as a necessity just to get a basic job.

Another things she doesn't touch on is the fact that most degrees being conferred are in worthless fields of study that have no commercial value outside of academia. Most of the kids aren't majoring in engineering, health science, accounting, computer sciences or other STEM majors. They are majoring in sociology, English, communications and other garbage that there is no demand for in the business world.

She also doesn't cover why tuition is getting more outrageous by the day. That is because we tell kids that they must go to college or they will be doomed to a life of poverty. When everyone is going to college, price will go up because demand goes up. Approximately 45% of those who attend college right now really shouldn't be there. Colleges need paying bodies to keep them afloat. Colleges long ago became what they so despise: Big business.

This is what happens when too many kids want to be chiefs leaving very few remaining to be the indians. The chiefs have less power and earn less and the indians who do the grunt work will have more power and earn more.

liberranter said...

Does she feel badly enough to demand that her "victims" get refunds of all the tuition money that they/their parents wasted in order to pay her to lie to them?

Yeah, I didn't think so...

CT said...

The whole education bubble was simple. Supply and Demand.

Everyone wants a decent paying easy job with autonomy, respect, and a good schedule in something that is if not fun, interesting or tolerable.

These jobs DO exist. No one leaves these jobs and they are rare. Academia does not tell you this.If such a job exists, the owner or his people have it. These jobs are gotten through word of mouth in limited circles, not HR software. Or you make this job yourself.

Most of the employers, on the other hand, do no want that. They want people that can pee clean, are well kempt, work for cheap, do not require much training to be useful, show up whenever they tell them to, cause no drama, and do the monotonous or unpleasant tasks they do not want to do themselves.

Now, there ARE jobs that require a degree because either a powerful board says so, the field actually requires real knowledge that is not common, or the employer just wants to make sure you are at least middle class.

But, the vast majority of the employers do not care except as a check mark on a box someone else may not have making it easier for some HR lady.

For the boomers, it was different. Few had degrees back then. If you actually had a degree (that at least was not in basket weaving), you were a god and at least would be the Burger King manager and not the Whopper Flopper. But, even back then few people actually worked in the field the degree was in.

Anonymous said...

The K-12 bubble is worse when you realize children in school are being made into study robot zombies so their "good school district" can have impressive housing values. College bashing is just a limited hangout exercise and you know it.