Monday, July 09, 2018

Capital Flight from California

Still not enough.  138 people is not enough.  You need every hard working, self supporting individual to flee that state.

Sadly, most Californians are sheep and will stay there "for the weather' while the state enslaves them to over 50% of their working lives. 

It's good to see how socialism has become successful in getting people willing to enslave themselves to such an extent.


BigFire said...

As a conservative Californian, I'm staying put and taking one for America. Too many of these would be economical refugee took their idiotic voting with them and infect other states with it. Nevada is going to be lost in less than 5 years, and Arizona may be infected as well. And then they wonder why their new States is going the way of California?

Anonymous said...

I read your books and have actually taken your advice in CA. I'm getting essentially free healthcare and have purposefully managed my income down to the level necessary to receive good family health insurance but not too low so that you get pushed into the Medi-Cal substandard bucket. I work about 10-15 hours/week and have loads of free time. I'd estimate my pay cut to be around 80% but my happiness level to be significantly higher.

David Reynolds said...

One hundred thirty-eight people leaving California is nothing. I am quite sure more kids are born in Los Angeles in two days that will make up for the population loss.

David Reynolds said...

I love watching Property Brothers and Flip or Flop on HGTV channel. I marvel at how God awful expensive some of these houses are in Cali. Just the other day, the Property Brothers were flipping a house in San Francisco that was valued at $1.2 million that included $130k in renovations.

If I had $1.2 million, I would retire today. Where I live in Tennessee with a fully paid off house, I can easily live on $15k/year quite comfortably.

Joe Smith said...

That's why I'm still torn on whether or not to support Leykis.
On one hand, there's excellent money and girl advice.
On the other, I consider some of his views in alignment
with SJWs. Plus, putting money in his pocket is supporting Californians.

Anonymous said...

California is a shit hole because of all the Californians.

Californians need to stay in California so they don't bring the ideas that ruined their state to other states.

Sigma Dave said...

I wonder how many of these 138 "high income people" voted for Jerry Brown, or Democrat in general? And now they've gone... where?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Anon 12:44am, keep those assholes in CA right where they are. Don't want or need them in my town!! Better still, I wish more people from my area would go there and drink the cool-aid. My life would improve immediately with less morons around me!!!