Monday, July 23, 2018

The American Dream Wiped Away by Socialism

and laziness.  Let's not forget laziness.


Um Americano said...

"...Thanks to the ease and minimal costs of starting a business today."

Anyone with a business care to confirm or deny that?

A Texan said...

It's more complex than that. Don't forget corporate whore America is more than happy to hire Jose for $5 an hour and pass the costs of that along to the taxpayer assuming any of them have a decent job to pay any taxes. In the STEM area, consulting engineering companies are more than happy to outsource whatever they can so they can boost their percent profit a couple percentage points.

Alt London said...

Yeah, and most likely their parents started work at 18, gaining 12 years of experience and value to the market by 30, instead of starting some time in their mid-20s laden with inflated expectation of their own worth, and a complete lack of work ethic.

Plus there's the stifling of productivity growth in the last 50 years, where gains have been met with either increased taxation or increased burdens of regulation, diversity quotas, prioritising fluffy green initiatives over profitability etc.

In short, the left that Gen-Y love so much is the very thing that has made this state of affairs true.

Screw 'em.

Anonymous said...

"In short, the left that Gen-Y love so much is the very thing that has made this state of affairs true.

Screw 'em."

NO. The right was the side obsessed with getting rich from housing speculation, and drilling their children into being study robots so their school district real estate would look good. The academic left was handed a blank check to brainwash the right into diversity, environmentalism, etc, but they didn't start all this in the first place.

When capitalism means PC corporate culture and absurdly bidding up the cost of housing so no one can afford big families, it kills itself. The right does all this stuff first before the left fills the void.

TroperA said...

There is no right or left. It's all Big GloboHomoCorp Uniparty acting as its others' controlled opposition all the while they're planning on how to import scab labor to screw over the American worker and create a pool of gibs-loving voters.

Alt London said...

And who caused the housing bubble by enabling sub-prime mortgages, lending to people who had no real prospect of paying back, especially in the event of an interest rate shock? State entities dominated by the left.

Who pumped the western economies full of QE the inflated asset prices? State entities inured to Keynesianism, whether they were NeoCons (fake right globallists) or Liberals.

Were the banks who financed the misadventure actually capitalists or were they crony capitalists, lobbying the govt for special rights and dispensations, and being 'too big to fail'?

And what about education? Well the left has been responsible for "all must go to college", "all must have prizes", grade inflation, tution fee inflation, and the unwarranted sense of entitlement that results from that.

The Boomer & Gen-X parents (probably, usually), believed in working hard, paying your way, and spending less than you earn, yet all the while wrapping their offspring in cotton wool as per the parenting vogues of the time to produce these Gen-Y adult babies

Remember that even when the right has been in political power, over the last 50 years, the left have ALWAYS held the social and cultural power to a greater or lesser extent, and it has been that along with the long march through the institutions that has got us to where we are.

If the right is to blame for anything it is for capitulation to these weasels and parasites, for letting the fake-right neocons, cronyists and appeasers into power in their name, all in the name of being seen to be nice or holding the moral high ground.

The actual damage all comes from the social, economic and cultural power held by the left.