Saturday, July 07, 2018

Gen X Spinsters


It's just so funny.

It's hilarious.


SupremeCannon said...

"It's not something you've done"

You know, for all this talk about Red Pill/Blue Pill over the years, I'm really thinking that Feminism is the Womens' 'Blue Pill'. Because Holy Cow are they clueless now.

A couple years ago a friend related to me that his 27 yo co-worker said she wanted to have kids 'someday'. He reminded her that she was born with 400 eggs and over half of them were gone already.

She was dumbstruck. She literally didn't know that.

SM777 said...

"Why are so many women having a hard time finding men to have children with?"

“Most men don’t want relationships...”

Gee, I wonder why.............

Anonymous said...

They will never find a partner of any of the now existant million or so genders. Why because they bought into and believed the liars who said they could have it all (where all = nothing). Well they are getting none of it. No mate, no satisfaction with life, no purpose in life and nothing to look forward to except a vacant old age. Freeze your eggs who would want them no man I have ever met.

They say they cannot find the "right" man (or whatever). Well the fact is that no man (not referring to a fluid gender freak) in his right mind would get near to one of these self centered, hyper competitive, narcissists.

So dry up and wither away there will be no one aware of your existence never mind your passing

ARYAN said...

"Hypergamy is a bitch"

A Texan said...

But they can't find a 'good' man....!!!!!!!!

The women compete and take jobs from men and lower wages, vote libtard, and then bitch that there are no men that can meet their impossible standards.

Ken MacDonald said...

It's more sad than anything else. As bad as feminism can be for men, it has devastated women's lives.

Anonymous said...

Hypergamy, I guess there is no cure for it.

Paul, Dammit! said...

You can tell a Gen X Cat Lady all the truth in the world, all the data, all the obvious and statistically supportable reasons why she's gone the wrong way if she wanted to have a family. You can even be cruel via bald honesty. But you can't make them accept it, so might as well laugh about it. Being stupid is a condition. Acting stupid is a choice.

David Reynolds said...

Someone needs to tell these ladies that having children is a young person's game. Even after freezing their eggs, find a sperm donor to fertilize that egg and give birth to a healthy child, do these ladies really want to be raising kids late in life? I am about to turn 48 and I wouldn't want to sire children at this point in my life where I am still raising them as a senior citizen.

These ladies when they were younger probably had a whole slew of prospective Mr. Rights banging on their doors. Many of these same men probably would have made excellent husbands and fathers to their children. These ladies instead either turned them all away because they either wanted to focus on their careers, wanted to party it up in their 20's or they just too good to date an "uneducated" plumber.

These supposed educated career ladies need to learn to be more accepting the majority of men who didn't go to college, yet they were successful in other aspects in their lives without a college degree. Just because one has a degree doesn't mean they are intelligent. Likewise, just because they don't have a degree doesn't make them dumb and unsuccessful. If anything, the man who skipped college more than likely doesn't have mortgage level student loan debt like many ladies graduating college these days.

Anonymous said...

Willing to date "uneducated women" lol. Yes, men like women who will go on a hike with them in the afternoon, grab dinner and watch a baseball game with them at night, and wants to provide companionship. Not your "career women" types who are obsessed with career and burning the midnight oil at work, only to still campaign for candidates that want them to pay half of their salary to the government.

Can't wait until I'm 35 and the balance of power in dating has finished shifting. All the career women will be racing for a stable man

Anonymous said...

I know a woman at my work. Typical 50 something liberal career person. "Strong independent womyn" with an MBA. 60+ hour week. High salary. Standard corporate drone. Everything she hears on CNN is gospel. Can afford nice shoes, handbags and vacations.

No husband or kids. Strangely she still looks decent for someone her age and must have been a knockout 30 years ago. But the rat race was more important than home and hearth, and the poor girl's brainwashing made her an evolutionary failure by choice.

It's sad that so many have fallen down this path, but at least men can get away and marry non-western real girls who know what is important in life - family and friends. Not a useless career in contracts or some superficial clothes.

Anonymous said...

Ken MacDonald has it right.

These poor women have been systematically lied to their entire lives. Now middle aged, they *know* they're unhappy and unfulfilled, and I suspect many of them are beginning to realise that their lives were politically manipulated for cynical ideological the same way that male red pilled Gen X'ers made the same, unpleasant, discovery. The difference is that while some men take the red pill and kick like hell against the programming, almost no women will...and I don't think that they should be blamed for this because it is one of the innate defining differences between the sexes.

Anonymous said...

I find this incredibly sad. Yes, these women are idiots with dumb opinions that don't think things through, but as a woman who feels like she nearly escaped believing these kind of dumb opinions (and consequently screwing up her life), I do feel for those who are told untrue things about what to expect from everyone around them, plan their lives around these untruths, and end up alone and unhappy. My family is pretty conservative, and yet I still got a lot of the same bad advice when I was younger. Maybe it was just luck that I encountered the type of ideas that are on this blog, for example, in my twenties while there was still time to make good decisions. There is just SO much propaganda coming from every angle. Check out the little girl's t-shirts at a playground sometime- they're all girl power crap- this stuff starts YOUNG.

One thing I wanted to bring up I never hear talked about is the low success rate of egg freezing. Even specifically searching for actual success rates doesn't make it easy to really figure it out. I mostly know this because I live in a very liberal city, am in my thirties with kids, and have a lot of careerist friends that have gone down the IVF/egg freezing route. It's pretty heartbreaking. One friend married his mid-thirties wife several years back and broke it down for me. She was having trouble conceiving. They ended up doing several rounds of IVF and were eventually successful (I know MANY that aren't). But he basically told me that telling women (especially women in their 30's) that egg freezing is a good option is BS- I read about it, and he's right. Unfertilized frozen eggs have a huge chance of failure- I believe I read only a 2-12% of being viable. If you collect your eggs in your early 20's, you might get a hundred or something. If you do it in your 30's, maybe like 5 or 10 (my friend's wife would get like 7 for each collection, which, btw, costs like $6K-$10K, just for the process of collecting them). A bunch of those are likely to be bad, more if you're older, then a bunch don't survive the freezing (the chance of survival is better for embryos that have been fertilized, but as the posted article shows, if these women had someone to fertilize their eggs, they wouldn't be doing it this way.) Then, let's say you do get an egg or two that survives all this- you still have a rather large chance of miscarriage, which increases as you age. Thinking you're going to do this and get a healthy pregnancy out of it in your 40's is such a long shot.

I read these kind of things and it's hard not to wonder if it's some kind of conspiracy to keep women from having children. But no- I don't really think that. I think that it is just a convenient lie that everyone goes along with because it makes us all feel good for a while- women can pretend age doesn't matter and that they can have it all, men can get more responsibility-free sex, politicians get women's votes, the state can grow, more tax money comes in (at least for now), we can pretend that the economy is doing well, and the companies that sell that sell these expensive services make money off of unrealistic expectations. This is not to mention consumer and beauty products women stupidly buy rather than having a family. Everyone's suffering is put off till later. It's just terrible all around.

You can say they deserve it (and to be clear, they do), but man, there are a lot of lies and deception around this stuff, and it's good for no one.

Faithless Cynic said...

Many years ago I dated a brilliant, insanely gorgeous young woman. After a while, she laid down her " rules " She was saving herself for marriage and would not have sex till her wedding night. OKAAAY, a little odd for a 25 year old, but, I was smitten. Later, I found out that no sex meant no hand jobs or me giving her cunnilingus. I absolutely love eating pussy. No sex also meant no nudity from the waist down lest I rape her. I ended the relationship.

Last year I ran into her, it was 28 years later and she was very cold and standoffish. She has never married and has no kids. I left as soon as possible without seeming to run. She trashed her life clinging to a moral code that is long out of date. Hope it was worth it and damn glad I did not marry her. I was so overcome by her looks and brilliance that I do not wonder why she was not married already.

Young men, please avoid this mistake

Cappy Fan said...

Yes. No sex before marriage worked swimmingly when people married young and even late bloomers were tying the knot by age 22. No sex before marriage is one of the best things for women, because it tries to guarantee a man's commitment in exchange for sex, but it doesn't work when the average age of marriage is 27 for girls and 29 for men. No one is going to put up with that. However, you can imagine it working when people were getting married just out of their teens. Everything is happening later and later in modern times and it's screwing everything up. It's insane!

SM777 said...

"I read these kind of things and it's hard not to wonder if it's some kind of conspiracy to keep women from having children. But no- I don't really think that."
Why, no certainly not. This has nothing to do with the elite's population reduction agenda. Nope, this has nothing to do with the "psychological sterilization of women". Nope, nope, nope.

Question from the article: "Why are so many women having a hard time finding men to have children with?"

Answer: Supply and Demand via the shorter male lifespan.

When I occasionally hear women complain that "There are no good men left" I openly and completely agree. Then I ask them two questions, "Do you want to know where they went? Do you want to know where you can find them?"

If the response is "Yes" I then state, "They are either in the graveyard or back in your 20s where you left them".

Gentlemen, with women at least 80% of the time, Nice Guys finish last. But, A-holes always finish first.

I have constantly seen this over and over again since I started paying attention to girls, and who they responded to, back in the late 70s.

Wandering man said...

It's like you said on one of your podcasts cappy, they just want to be "masters of the universe".