Wednesday, July 25, 2018

"If You Don't Know, I'm Not Telling You"

Can't believe girls are still using this line.  It reminds of the the TWO TIMES women back in the 90's lectured me for calling them "kid" when I was referencing the movie Casablanca.

Boys, it is not you.  There are that many screwed up girls out there.  If this happens remember YOU are the sane one.  SHE is the insane one.


David Reynolds said...

Any woman who would use the line, "If you don't know, then I am not telling you" should be responded with, "If you don't tell me what I did wrong, then quit your bitching".

B said...

Dude, they are ALL fucking nuts.

Some more so, some less so.

And most wander between the two extremes depending on age and hormones throughout their lives.

I beginning to think my Granddad was right:

"If it Floats, Flies or Fucks, you are better off renting">

Anonymous said...

The best answer to this is either " If you cant handle me during my worst times you don't deserve me at my best" or " My apologies madam, that is not my monkey, this is not my circus so therefore you are not my problem."

Red Pill Wisdom said...

"Why should I tell you if you won't read my mind?"

Purge187 said...

Western womens' minds and moods change like the wind. Just another reason why I'm not getting married.

Sigma Dave said...

A long time ago, back when I still read newspapers and liked reading those advice columns because it featured people whose lives sucked even more than mine, I read a story on Ann Landers (or Dear Abby, never could remember who was who) from a man whose wife pulled that same stunt on him. They were in the car, returning from a party.

He repeatedly asked her to tell him what he did to make her so angry, even begging her, and only getting the reply "If you don't know, I'm NOT going to tell you".

When they got home, he quietly packed his things, and headed out the door. His wife, seeing him leave, asked him "What's wrong? Where are you going? Why are you leaving?"

His reply? "If you don't know, I'm NOT going to tell you". He left, and never came back.

Faithless Cynic said...

My wife used to use a modified form of this bullshit. Cold anger, nasty facial expression, communicates in single syllables. I was supposed to pry the info out of her " Oh why is the princess sooo upset ? " One day I decided, if she cannot communicate what is bothering her, I will ignore her behavior and she can go Fuck herself. The result? She loses the shitty attitude after a day or two. I never know why she is pissed.

I once told a nasty, binge drinking, alcoholic " I am done, feel free to drink till you die. I no longer give a Fuck ( And I did not give a Fuck ) "
The alco quit drinking afterwards. My guess is she could not go off on a bender and get attention and sympathy from family.

heresolong said...

Yup. College girlfriend did this to me. We had taken a train ride through the interior of BC and had a great time. Planned on doing it again some time later. I forgot. Took two weeks of this bullshit before she told me. Looking back, that would have been a perfect time to end the relationship.