Monday, July 16, 2018

How Conservative Fathers Failed America

Two years ago there were two instances the Ole Captain made an attempt to help out the republican party.  In both instances he was prompted by his buddy "DT" to check out some local republican meetings where they claimed they were looking for new blood and could use his economic and political expertise.  And so Cappy went forth to the northern hinterlands of the Twin Cities metro where he was asked to deliver speeches on how to get young men interested in conservative politics.

The results were laughable.

One group was essentially a group therapy session/fund raiser for a local community politician.  And the other was a bunch of old white guys who just wanted to hear things they agree with said.  My speech was bombastic, entertaining, and insightful, but more importantly it was exactly what they needed to hear and painted a path for them to actually "DO SOMETHING" as they all claimed they wished to do.  And so I sat, waiting to hear back from them to see what kind of role or capacity I could play in helping reinvigorate northern metro conservative politics annnnndddd....


Last I heard both groups still gather weekly to mope about and feel sorry for themselves.

I had already written "Enjoy the Decline" by this time and had already written the US off as a viable, long term entity.  But the complete lack of spine, vigor, passion, professionalism, and work ethic within the republican party itself only reconfirmed in my mind that the US was in terminal decline.  Additionally, it made me kind of depressed and angry when even the guys on "our team" were losers not worthy of the country they were purporting to save.  But there was a silver lining in this otherwise depressing realization.  And that silver lining was that if these guys were the ones the country was presumably worth fighting for, then by any logical sense of justice, the US deserved to decay and die because nobody in this country deserves the United States of America.

This epiphany - that even the non-leftists in this country are losers - has recently helped me philosophically accept, even enjoy the decline of the US.  I see presumed "republicans" at the local dive bar horking down their wings and light beers during "The Game" as they mindlessly cheer on "their team" as i pay more in taxes for their sportsball stadium.  I see Mitzy and Madison driving their republican dad's car downtown "partying" and of course they too vote republican.  And then there's the "dude bro" business majors and $30,000-lanaire salesmen.  All republicans, all Chip and Thadeus, all parasites faking it cause they'll never make it.  Matter of fact, if I think back through my life the vast majority of jerks, bullies, assholes, and enemies I've had in my life were republicans.  And thus I've advanced my philosophy enough to take a flippant and sadistic enjoyment in the decline rather suffer, fret, or worry because nobody (democrat or republican) deserves the US.

Still, hope springs eternal and there are times I catch myself having some.  Or perhaps there's an unconscious, inherent and infrastructural care about humanity's freedom and the advancement of society.  Perhaps I just don't like seeing a perfect piece of economic art such as the United States destroyed just like you wouldn't like to see the Statue of David marred.

And so perhaps if a Trump gets elected...
the economy grows a bit and a touch there...
maybe even we grow a pair and actually defend our own borders like every other country in the world...

I'm soon tempted once again to have real, genuine, and long term hope in the future of the United States.  You might actually begin to think there's reason to fight again.  You might even have a country, a society, a community you belong to and want to fight for.  Hey, it's time to get the band back together again!

So let me introduce another reality that will quickly squash your hopes.  A dose of reality that will douse the flames of a potential future.  Not because I want to be a Debbie Downer or that I'm the perpetual cynic, but there's nothing more wasted than a life of let downs.  There's nothing more painful than a life of failed expectations.

Conservative fathers.

Right when I was starting to get a little bit of hope in the future of the United States I couldn't help but notice that concurrent to these "good economic times again" was a complete decay and dysfunction amongst the younger generations.  Yes, GDP may have actually grown above 4% this quarter, but this doesn't account for an underemployment crisis.  Yes, unemployment is below 4%, but the sexes could not be more at war with each other.  That's nice we lowered taxes, but you have adult-kids who can't figure out which of the 38 flavors of gender they are.  And we could be defending the sovereignty of the US, but women are more obsessed about working away their lives than they are having fun, while "men" are more obsessed about playing video games than they are getting a job and supporting themselves.  Matter of fact if you remove "Trump and Russia" from CNN's news stream the vast majority of the news is a mere chronicling of the complete dysfunction and destruction of the millennial generation.  And with an entire wasted crop of a generation, precisely how do you expect to have a functional future country to have faith and hope in?

You may at first be tempted to identify the culprit of this decay as single motherhood, absentee fathers, K-12 socialist indoctrination, media, or just rank leftist parenting.  And you would be right.  The majority of the decay of the millennial and Gen Z generations can be chalked up to these things.  But again revisit "our team."  Revisit "Team Republican."  There SHOULD be at least a contingent of traditional, conservative patriarchs in the form of Ward-Cleaver-esque fathers who lay down the law in their household, and bring up well-reared, well-anchored, non-tatted up freaks who can hold down jobs and don't need to live at home at 30.  There should be the republican half of men raising future generations of Americans who deserve the title.  That for every half-shaved, purple haired, arm-sleeved tatted up, obese Communications Majoring 21 year old, there should be a svelte, in shape, comely, Accounting majoring 22 year old ready for kids and marriage.  In short there should be something to fight for.

Not by a long shot.

While there is the occasional traditional, republican, old school father who managed to raise functional adult children, they are exception, not the rule.  For every real, conservative traditional father I could tell you a score of stories of other "conservative fathers" who failed miserably in the rearing of their children.

There's the powerful lawyer in Dallas who can crush the nuts of his adversaries in court, but lets his wife, son, and daughter run roughshod over him.  I've seen his son ignore his commands without the slightest bit of concern, his daughter will grow up to become a stripper, and his wife admonishes him in front of the children.  It doesn't matter that he is politically conservative, he doesn't have a spine to actually be a father, be a husband, lead his family, or discipline his children.

There's the rich republican donor who in a completely hypocritical sense thinks like a leftist in that "throwing money at it" will solve the problem.  That "problem" was "raising his child."  After 25 years of shipping the kid off to a nanny, shipping the kid off to private school, and shipping the kid off to private grad school, his "Precious Little Princess" is now a social justice warrior who actively votes against his financial interests, likely hates him, and, oh yes, of course, "is a lesbian."

And then there's the co-host of a conservative talk show who sent his kid to an overpriced, worthless liberal arts college. An over-priced liberal arts college that ended a female leadership symposium when they found out there were too many white women speakers in the symposium.  This was perhaps the most debilitating of all because if a co-host of a CONSERVATIVE TALK SHOW can't grow a pair to protect his very own daughter from the leftist liberal arts college scam, then who is going to protect their children??

This is the point where I can no longer muster up the care to give a damn.  If conservative fathers are too lazy to raise their own kids, too lazy to discipline them, even too lazy to bother educating/warning them about the horrendously damaging college education scam, then why should I invest in America?  It's like being on the front lines and rushing back to command to inform the higher ups of a break in the enemy's lines only to find out the officers are drunk and having a gay orgy.  And conservative fathers can explain it away be it their kids won't listen to them, they don't want to interfere with the upbrining of their children, wifey poo might divorce them, or just honorably admit you're too damn lazy and spineless to raise your kids right, it doesn't change the fact that if conservative parents are not going to invest in their own damn children, then why should lone-wolf renegade conservatives like me invest in the political future of the country?  It would simply be a waste of time and intellectual effort.

The left is particularly despicable in what they've done to the United States and freedom all around.  And they are to blame for the majority of the problems the millennial Gen Z'ers face today.  But spineless conservative fathers who could only manage to raise SJW, leftist failures for children are arguably worse in that they're hypocritical on top of it.  It doesn't matter what you "say" it matters what you do.  And all I've seen the majority of "Rah Rah Fox News" conservative fathers do is abdicate their responsibility of fatherhood out of laziness and cowardice.

Enjoy paying for your little princess' degree in Creative Writing.
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Anonymous said...

Spot-on, Aaron! There may be little hope for the majority but there'll always be people who swim against the tide, such as yourself. Be a beacon of common sense and a community will congregate around you. The U.S. was built on a foundation of local communities and that's where the rebuild will begin, once the rubble stops bouncing.

liberranter said...

Conservatives in general, and Republicans in particular, haven't had any principles whatsoever in eons. The fuckers deserve every bit of the degradation, persecution, destruction, and agony that is headed their way like a Category V hurricane. As you yourself point out, it couldn't happen to a bigger bunch of fraudulent, selfish, hypocritical assholes.

A Texan said...

This why I've always called them 'conservatards'. They are unable to conserve anything or run any exciting candidates. They are more than happy with the establishment milquetoast waste of human flesh like a Bush or a Romney. They insulted a number of their potential base with their treatment of Ron Paul years ago. It's certainly one of the reasons I voted for Trump.

The Christian right that composes a substantial amount of Team R support is also worthless. Yes, they show up to work and don't cause any societal problems, but they are more concerned with some BS Christian virginity than encouraging their best young people to marry young and start screwing to breed the next generation. It's more important that they be able to have a Cadillac Escalade and McMansion than help financially support the next generation while they are working or going to school.

Anonymous said...

The government needs to start regulating every little thing farmers do. They should have to be licensed with a Ph.D in Agricultural Studies. They should need multiple permits to operate a shovel. And of course there should be hundreds of affirmative action farming programs.

There's nothing like a good ol' fashioned famine to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Vader999 said...

The problem is, most conservative talking heads nowadays love to talk about conservative principles, but in the end, they'll go back to the farm to support liberalism the moment the shit hits the fan. I mean, these are the same people who will blast porn and video games for taking away the traditional role of boys, but they don't bother to look as to why boys have chosen those things over traditional masculine activities such as playing sports and dating girls. The conservatives are willing to attack the symptom, but not the disease. Therein lies their problems. There will always be nerds and geeks who will choose less physical paths to life, but for the majority of boys to prefer that over dating and girls? Can't they see the writing on the wall?

That, and the fact that their religious views are not authentic Christian values. Being "saved" because one merely believes isn't what Jesus preached; it's what He preached AGAINST. The Pharisees saw themselves as a class higher than the average human simply because they believed in God; Jesus told them that they have to prove that faith through good works. Yet the average modern-day conservative believes that faith alone is enough to save him, not realizing that faith without good works is dead. Bad morals follow bad theology. So it is no wonder why they're willing to attack innocuous things like video games, dungeons and dragons, and Harry Potter, instead of actually looking to practice some real Christianity and helping out the poor on their own dime, or raising kids to be morally responsible for their actions.

ia said...

I appreciate your inability to celebrate the virtues of modernity. However, I think it would be better advised that fathers develop an antidote to pop culture. Either high art or religion (or both). High art based on traditional western culture starting with the ancient Greeks would develop an interest in form and an emotional identification with foundation myth. Exposure to Christianity would give a moral base. Probably, and sadly, parents don't matter much, other than genes. It's peer group pressure that influences young people and that's way out of the control of any parent.

seriouslypleasedropit said...

It's because they're isolated and confused.

Isolation means that even if their instincts are good, they eventually get worn down by the combined might of wife + daughter pleading + John Oliver + Hollywood

Confusion means that even if they "try," they don't know exactly what to try at. We talk a lot about modernity's foolishness in forsaking traditional wisdom, but the modern world is complex and confusing. Conservatives get left behind because they don't know when they're wrong, and they don't know why they're right when they're right.

I'm sure you tried to dumb it down, but you were likely four steps ahead of the attendees at the meetings you mention. Which is fun because we get to make fun of people, but it's a real limitation when trying to share what we've learned. Especially when most of what we learned "Don'ts" rather than "Do's" with quick gratification.

If we have any success it's gonna come from some weird direction---something seemingly insignificant, that grows quickly.

Anonymous said...

Conservatives obsessed with real estate will do anything the schools want so their school district carries a lot of prestige associated with housing values. They sacrifice their children to the liberal Moloch of "good schools" so their mortgage results in nice, leveraged returns. If their children don't secure comfortable careers in exchange for earning good grades in school, that's their own fault.

Zoom out and realize the bankers are paying conservatives not to reproduce. Making children into zombie study robots is a long term sterilization strategy. Just look at who Americans are as a people, and who the bankers tend to be as a people, and it just clicks. It just all makes sense at once what's happening.

The ultimate response is to declare that it is an abomination to deprive a worker of his wages. Children are not workers. They aren't supposed to do everything the schools say so the district has a prestigious reputation that gets reflected in housing values. This ultimately results in meritocracy being replaced by cheating and honest hard work in school being deprecated.

Per Desteen said...

Conservatives can't conserve a bathroom, much less their posterity.

This is why there's a choice for men: be Alt-West or enjoy the decline. To have hope without action is despair.

So, rather than pontificate on all these topics, here's an action guide with questions:

Do you have Game? Have you taken the Redpill and gone beyond the anger stage?
Have you found a younger woman (5+ years or more)?
Are you married to her?
Do you present a good value proposition to her between providing and dread game?
Do you have 3+ children?
Do your parents live near or with you?
Do your in-laws live near or with you?
Do you homeschool?
Are you raising your children in the way you want them to go?
Do you understand that children may go where they want, but it's your duty to tell them where they should go?
Are you debt free?
Do you have KSA's enough to adapt to most situations?
Do you have a planning horizon longer than 20 years?

If you can say yes to most of these things, then you're taking action. If you have issues, don't think you should be married, or can't say most or any of these things, then enjoy the decline and GTFO of the way for those that can.

Bill said...

A seaman that has never seen stormy weather is a worthless seaman indeed. said...

Rah Rah Red Team. Blue Team is bad. We support capitalism. Greed is good. Red Team Go! Blue Team sucks!
Now train your H1-b replacements. Its good for the bottom line.

Politicking in the Declining Consumerist Amerika is like the Circus Maximus, without the Chariot Races and the Fun.

Un Americano said...

Those chivalrous conservatards are will demonize masculinity alongside their Leftist antitheses. May The Decline fuck their shit up the most.

Take The Red Pill said...

A very interesting and enlightening read, Captain.
You can also find a lot of that information in Dalrock's blog (your blog is also mentioned and referenced in the comments section at different times); the only problem with the comments section there is that the thread can be 'hijacked' by various commenters with religious differences bickering and starting flame wars, and also the comments getting deeper into various Christian sect dogma than you ever knew existed. But it makes for interesting reading, though...