Sunday, October 28, 2018

Chad Haag is a Thief

And is is every other piece of scum who stole from the American taxpayer and is fleeing the country with their worthless degrees.


Nathan Hal said...

Masters of comparative literature, what a circle jerk.

I use to have a neighbor who was dealing drugs after thinking an English major would get him an easy pass to play football, same thing.

Anonymous said...

Part of me thinks that it may worth $20,000 to get idiots like this to leave the county.

A Texan said...

What a dumbass! $20k of debt is nothing even after getting his stupid other degree in 'comparative literature'. But I guess 'mathz' was not his strong point.

SM777 said...

His name is Chad, how cool is that? Haag, rhymes with hog, as in "Boss Hogg". Is that his real name? Kind of like Bernie Madoff, or FATCA(t), or FINCEN.

DocVinny said...

My student loan debt when I graduated medical school was $237,000. My loan payments were much more than I would make in any job I would have gotten with a degree in comparative folk dancing. There is no reason anybody should consider a $20,000 total education debt insurmountabLe. Payments can be deferred. There are alternative payment plans. Oh, and pick a degree that you might actually be able to get a job with.

Maybe I'm being a jerk, but if borrowing money than leaving the country to avoid the debt means there's something wrong with the system, I submit that the problem is with loaning the money to people without a clue, not if of total bill they're ruining out on is that little. Yeah in this day and age your debt is the same or less than a new car costs, and you have longer to pay it off then you would a car loan and the interest is lower.

Sorry, not sorry.


Tina848 said...

I work for a Large Laboratory Company in Lancaster PA. Chad in the profile said he couldn't find work. He is lying. The unemployment rate here is 2%, we hire non-technical people all the time and train them. Starting pay north of $30K, and that is to unload boxes. We have close to 300 open positions (approximately 2000 people work here). There are 5 temp agencies we work though - Chad could have had a job, he didn't try real hard.