Monday, October 15, 2018

Have Conservative Fathers Destroyed America?

Had an interesting podcast with Cotto and Gottfried about the failure of "conservative fathers" to actually stand up to leftism in the country by doing the minimum and raising their kids right.  Some good discussion.  You can find their archive here.

Youtube below:

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Post Alley Crackpot said...

There's another way that conservative fathers destroy things: they convince their daughters to become "strong independent women" instead of focusing on finding a guy to be with ...

Once upon a time, there was a young woman of a strong Christian upbringing whose father decided that he would get in the way of her finding a guy to be with.

Instead, Dear Ol' Dad encouraged her to ignore the guys, to go to college, to study hard, to become a bluestocking by way of her career, and so she did. She'd already met the guy she wanted, but Dear Ol' Dad knew best with his stolid conservativism.

The guy she was interested in didn't want to endure the endless shit tests coming out of the father, even though the young woman herself was trying to encourage him to push through the bullshit and to ignore what he was pulling.

Eventually, however, the guy realised that there were better options out there than having to deal with Conservative Gobshite Dad always interfering with anything involving her, and so the guy set her loose and never looked back ...

Until one day his curiosity got the best of him and he found her online: thirty years later, she's a "health care professional" in a West Country town, unmarried, with no kids and no chances for having kids.

Conservative Gobshite Dad finally choked off this mortal coil and has left his daughter unmarried and essentially unmarriable.

As for the guy ... lots of chicks, lots of travel, plenty of opportunities.

Things worked out better than that guy having his life co-opted and re-routed along a causeway of misery that includes being stuck in one place for far too long, having a few miserable weeks of vacation per year that involves running around tourist spots on some sort of agenda, and eventually having to deal with that all-too-significant residue of religious conservativism that would have made her a hot-and-cold scold.

Oh, and let's not forget the precious children that probably would have come out of this, who would have been just as fucked up by the mother's Batshit Crazy Conservativism as she was ...

So that particular half-sold canard about "raising their kids right"?

That angry bastard of a duck quacks both ways.